You’ll be floored by the horrific news one Army Officer received while on deployment

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Most service members join the military because they believe America is a nation worth defending.

But while they put everything on the line, the country is falling apart thanks to radical politicians.

And you’ll be floored by the horrific news one Army Officer received while on deployment.

Man accused of “illegally occupying” home of Army officer while she was stationed in Chicago

Dahlia Daure is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves who just received some terrible news while on deployment in Chicago. Her Atlanta home was currently occupied by squatters. Daure said that she’s in the process of trying to sell the home, but the illegal residents could make that difficult.

Daure, who notified the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, said it was “quite alarming to find out that someone else had moved into her home.” The intruders received an affidavit instructing them to “immediately vacate an Ellenwood home in DeKalb County owned by a military officer.”

They identified him as Vincent Simon and published a post to social media stating that he “had been accused of illegally occupying the residence, which had been for sale by the owner while she was deployed with the U.S. Army Reserves in Chicago.” They noted that Simon had been arrested for possession of drugs and a firearm.

Daure detailed the event in an interview with Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV.

The police couldn’t do anything about the squatter because it was a civil matter

The Army Officer said Simon claims that he entered the home after paying $19,000 to cover the first 6 months of a lease agreement. If the man is telling the truth, then that means he could have been a victim of real estate fraud. Daure called the situation “very aggravating.”

“It’s kind of unjust to find out that someone can literally move into your home with a fictitious lease with a company that doesn’t exist,” Daure said, before adding that her house was on the market for sale but “not on the market for rent.” Her house was under a contract for sale when she found out about the squatter.

She said she was able to use a Georgia state law to evict the squatter and added that she was fortunate to know what to do in her situation. “A lot of people don’t know about that,” she said, before adding that people must go through the Sheriff’s Office. “The police can’t get them out” because it’s a civil matter.

Daure is only one example of people who have fallen victim to this kind of scam in recent years.

One handyman in California started a petition to make squatting a federal crime

California handyman Flash Shelton recently started fighting to remove squatters from his mother’s home. He made national news earlier this year after he waited for the squatters to leave to install cameras in the home.

He said he wants to use his national attention to try to make a necessary change to federal law. He said “there is no law” that protects people from this situation, which is why he started a petition to change things at the federal level.

“I figured if I go national, then it’s going to be heard in other states as well,” Shelton said, before adding that “it’s bigger than him and he should do something to help the cause” while in the national spotlight.

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