You’ll be sick to your stomach when you see how Mitt Romney just stabbed Republicans in the back

RINO Senator Mitt Romney never misses an opportunity to create friction in the GOP.

The aftermath of the Midterm elections were no different.

And you’ll be sick to your stomach when you see how Mitt Romney just stabbed Republicans in the back.

Republicans suffered a letdown on Election Day.

The much talked about Red wave never materialized.

All that was left to do was pick up the pieces, figure out what went wrong, and try and position the Party for the best chance of success in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Romney seized this opportunity to publish a piece in the Wall Street Journal claiming the Republicans needed to adopt the Democrat Party’s entire agenda, including trillions of dollars in tax increases, amnesty, mass immigration, a federal takeover of elections, and the Green New Deal.

On the border, Romney made the same empty promises that politicians have made for two generations – vague promises for border security in exchange for amnesty and increased levels of cheap foreign labor.

Romney wrote:

The immigration mess also figured prominently in the midterms. Politicians have railed at the broken system for 25 years but have done almost nothing to fix it. We need new legal immigrants—at least a million a year to keep the population from declining—but continuing to accommodate the open border means more fentanyl, more gang violence and an overwhelming burden on border states. I asked a leading Democrat why his party hasn’t acted to secure the border, especially since its failure to do so gives my party a huge advantage in swing states such as Arizona and Nevada. His answer: “You don’t understand the power of the immigration lobby.” Madness.

If Congress wants to solve the immigration mess, it will need to reach a bipartisan deal. Political courage is the rare but critical commodity we need.

Republicans working  on a Gang of Eight amnesty bill in 2013 created the conditions for Donald Trump to take over the Party because the base realized the establishment did not care about their issues or values.

Mitt Romney is forever stuck in the amber of the 2005 GOP when amnesty and open borders were the North Star for the Party’s immigration platform.

In 2012, Romney lost the Presidential election because working class voters stayed home out of disdain for the donor class Republicanism he represented.

And it’s obvious Mitt Romney has not learned anything in the ensuing ten years.

Should Republicans kick Mitt Romney out of the GOP?