You’ll be sick to your stomach when you see how the Boy Scouts went woke

Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

The Boy Scouts are the latest American institution to fall under the sway of the Left.

Americans are shaking their heads trying to figure out what just happened.

And you’ll be sick to your stomach when you see how the Boy Scouts went woke.

The Boy Scouts just had their National Jamboree, which is an event held every four years where thousands of scouts gather for fun, fellowship, and activities.

The Jamboree returned this year and attendees were in for a surprise when the woke mob set up a tent adorned with pride flags in order to indoctrinate children into with gender identity and sexual orientation lifestyle.

A Washington Post reporter described the scene where a volunteer who identified as non-binary and pansexual pushed the woke ideology on thousands of young scouts.

“This is my entire world,” scout volunteer River Capell told the Post. “There’s been days where there’s 2,000 kids in this tent alone. And that is just, like, absurd.”

“I’ve had some scouts asking genuine questions, like ‘What does it mean to be this? What does it mean to be that?’” Capell continued. “But it was all curiosity, and how do I help, rather than [hostility]. So it’s all been incredibly welcoming and positive.”

The last Jamboree attracted 40,000 visitors.

This Jamboree drew just 15,000.

Between 2019 and 2020, the Scout’s lost nearly half its membership.

This decline in interest in the Boy Scouts coincided with the leadership deciding it needed to “modernize” in order to stay relevant and attract new members.

In 2015, the Scouts began admitting homosexuals.

The Scouts opened membership to transgender boys in 2018.

And most absurdly, the Boy Scouts began admitting girls in 2019.

Bud Light also thought it needed to “get with the times” if it hoped to attract a younger audience.

That led to the fateful decision to sign a sponsorship deal with transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

No one was paying attention at the time, but the Boy Scout decline in membership after trying to impose the woke transgender agenda should have shown that organizations risk financial ruin by forcing the left-wing culture wars on its customer bases in Red state America.

The Boy Scouts debacle should have served as the canary in the coal mine that conservatives were willing to show their strength in numbers to show there is a massive financial penalty for going woke.

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