You’ll burst out laughing when you hear who called Liz Cheney to console her after her crushing defeat

Donald Trump made defeating Liz Cheney one of his top priorities this Election Year.

On Tuesday, Trump-endorsed attorney Harriet Hageman crushed Cheney by nearly 40 percent.

And you’ll burst out laughing when you hear who called Liz Cheney to console her after her crushing defeat.

According to the Wyoming Election Division, turnout in Tuesday’s Primary was the largest in state history.

The outrage Wyoming voters have for Liz Cheney after she joined at the hip with Nancy Pelosi to try to stop Trump from running for President again in 2024 fueled the record-breaking turnout.

Even though Liz Cheney’s career in Congress is ending, she’s more determined than ever to stop Donald Trump from ever setting foot in the White House again.

After suffering an embarrassing landslide defeat, Liz Cheney compared herself to Abraham Lincoln, who went on to become President after losing two Congressional elections.

“The great original champion of our party, Abraham Lincoln, was defeated in elections for the Senate and the House before he won the most important election of all,” Cheney said. “Lincoln ultimately prevailed,” she continued, before adding that Lincoln “saved our union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history.”

Liz Cheney claimed that, just like Abraham Lincoln, she was also fighting to “protect the foundations of this Constitutional republic.”

But then Cheney turned her attention to Donald Trump and January 6.

Cheney blamed Donald Trump for the reason “our nation is barreling once again toward crisis, lawlessness and violence.”

Of course, this is one of the main reasons why Wyoming voters booted Cheney from office.

Instead of fighting against Joe Biden’s socialist agenda, she spends all of her time helping Pelosi take down Donald Trump while at the same blaming him for the problems her Democrat pals created with their trillions of dollars in spending and anti-fossil fuel agenda.

Cheney concluded her speech by vowing to “do whatever it takes” to keep Donald Trump from ever becoming President again.

“We must be very clear-eyed about the threat we face and about what is required to defeat it,” Cheney said. “I have said since January 6, that I will do whatever it takes to ensure Donald Trump is never again anywhere near the Oval Office.”

Joe Biden phones Liz Cheney

Joe Biden considers Liz Cheney a valuable ally in his mission to have the Justice Department bring criminal charges against Trump to stop him from running for President in 2024.

During Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address, Liz Cheney showed up wearing Democrat Blue and got caught on video fist-bumping Joe Biden on his way to the podium.

Even though Joe Biden is on vacation in South Carolina, he took the time on Tuesday to phone his pal Liz Cheney after her crushing defeat against Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman.

“President Joe Biden called Liz Cheney on Wednesday after the Wyoming Congresswoman and vocal critic of former President Donald Trump was defeated in her state’s Republican Primary,” Bloomberg reported.

“Biden reached out to Cheney, who earned the ire of the former President when she voted to impeach him over his role in the January 6, 2021 insurrection and her subsequent work on the Congressional Committee investigating the matter, according to a person familiar with the conversation,” Bloomberg added.

What Joe Biden talked about with Liz Cheney remains secret, as Bloomberg also reported that “the White House declined to comment” and “a Cheney spokesman did not immediately respond to requests to comment on the call.”

Liz Cheney’s an anti-Trump organization

Given how Liz Cheney and Joe Biden share the same goal, the topic of conversation was likely how to continue the fight to stop Donald Trump from running for President in 2024.

In an interview the day after her defeat, Liz Cheney told NBC viewers that she was considering running for President against Trump in 2024.

A spokeswoman for Cheney also told POLITICO that “in coming weeks, Liz will be launching an organization to educate the American people about the ongoing threat to our Republic, and to mobilize a unified effort to oppose any Donald Trump campaign for President.”

Liz Cheney understands she has no chance of winning the Republican Presidential Primary.

But her only goal is to keep Trump out of the White House.

And Cheney believes if she runs a nasty Primary race against him, the dirt and mud will be enough to convince swing voters to vote for Trump’s opponent in the General Election.

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