You’ll want to boycott MLB when you find out what a majority of teams are supporting

Major League Baseball has struggled to connect with a younger audience for years now, resulting in declining ratings.

Perhaps that’s why the league has resorted to pushing woke politics on its viewers.

But now you’ll want to boycott MLB when you find out the disgusting thing a majority of the franchises in the league are promoting.

Going, going, gone . . .

Last year, in an unprecedented move, officials for Major League Baseball decided to move the league’s All-Star game out of the city of Atlanta for political reasons.


The Georgia legislature had passed a new set of common-sense election integrity laws.

“Racist,” the radicals on the Left cried.

But what seems to be racist is the assumption that black people are less capable of the simple task of obtaining photo identification than white people are.

Nevertheless, MLB officials quickly caved to calls from the woke crowd on Twitter and moved their traditional mid-season exhibition game to Denver.

It’s important to point out, Colorado had in place at the time, more stringent voting regulations than what the new Georgia law called for.

But that would not be the last time MLB decided to play ball with the far-left.

Take me out to the operating room

National Review is reporting at least 20 Major League Baseball teams are promoting or supporting organizations that perform sex change operations on young children.

Each professional baseball club has non-profit organizations and causes they support to the tunes of millions of dollars every year.

National Review conducted an audit of each organization and cause, and the results are shocking.

According to the National Review report, two-thirds of the league’s teams “promote or fund groups that encourage or provide sex-change procedures and gender-transition hormone treatment for minors as young as 12.”

This goes far beyond the league’s “Pride Nights” at stadiums across the country.

In fact, their audit found five teams “promote groups that fund non-reversable gender-bending surgeries on children,” including the Detroit Tigers, the Boston Red Sox, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Cleveland Indians, excuse me, Guardians.

Meanwhile, another four teams, the L.A. Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, and the Oakland A’s, partner with organizations that provide “counseling and referrals to kids” to receive the same such surgeries.

The Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, Arizona Diamondbacks, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Colorado Rockies, support organizations offering “guides and promotion of the transgender lifestyle.”

And six more teams, “support groups that have lobbyists for the trans cause and otherwise advocate for the transgender lifestyle,” including the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, the L.A. Angels, the Minnesota Twins, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Washington Nationals.

That’s 20 out of the league’s 30 teams.

Who is left to root for?

That means if you’re in the market for a new favorite team that isn’t in favor of mutilating minors, you have just 10 teams to choose from: The New York Yankees and Mets, the Baltimore Orioles, the Kansas City Royals, the Seattle Mariners, the Texas Rangers, the Atlanta Braves, the Miami Marlins, the San Francisco Giants, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

However, before you pick the Blue Jays, know that Toronto won’t let you participate in America’s favorite pastime in their city unless you’ve received your COVID vaccination.

Some surprising cities are on that list, many may not remain on it long as the league continues to cater to the Blue Checkmarks on Twitter.

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