Your jaw will hit the floor when you see just how bad this Wheel of Fortune contestant was

Screenshot via Youtube, ET Canada

The writing is on the wall and the future for America does not look bright. 

But this video shows that everyone’s worst nightmares are about to become a reality.

And your jaw will hit the floor when you see just how bad this Wheel of Fortune contestant was. 

America’s future does not look bright

For over 200 years, America was seen by many in the world as a Beacon of Hope and an example of the potential unleashed by individual liberty and freedom. 

Books were written, such as Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville, about the greatness of American society and how hard-working Americans were building one of the greatest economies in the world. 

But those days are long gone and the greatness of America is fading fast. 

A good education is necessary for any nation to succeed.

And as the past several years have proven, our public education system is going down the drain. 

Schools in our inner city communities have been posting failing grades for years. 

For example, in 2021, 41 percent of high schoolers in Baltimore had below a 1.0 GPA (a D average). 

But it’s becoming clearer by the day that a pandemic of horrible education is now spreading into even the “best” schools in the nation.

For one, millions of children lost vital in-person learning for nearly a year when governments shut down schools during the pandemic. 

Add to that the obsession to teach Critical Race Theory and “queer theory” over basic English, math, and science and you have a recipe for even more failing schools. 

And if you are wondering just how bad our schools really are, just watch this recent clip from Wheel of Fortune

Mind-numbingly dimwitted contestant

While on the Wheel of Fortune, a college-aged woman was about to have a huge opportunity to rake in some money on the classic game show. 

On the board was “Fre-h Tropical Fruit,” but instead of solving the puzzle, the contestant opted to spin the wheel again. 

Some speculated that perhaps she was just trying to sweeten up her winnings. 

However, they quickly realized that she was just clueless. 

When asked what letter she wanted up on the board, she hesitated a moment before answering “G.”

Even host Pat Sajak was in shock at the ignorance on display. 

The next contestant obviously got the answer correct. 

If this is the future of America, then the outlook is very bleak for our country. 

Will America last another 50 years?