Joe Biden was fuming after a victory lap over James Comer collapsed from this terrible problem

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

Joe Biden thought he had the upper hand in the House Republican investigation into his family’s alleged influence peddling.

But Biden was brought back down to earth by one stunning revelation.

And Joe Biden was fuming after a victory lap over James Comer collapsed from this terrible problem.

Joe Biden and his media allies were celebrating when the FBI arrested Alexander Smirnov for allegedly lying about how the Ukrainian energy company Burisma bribed Hunter Biden and then-Vice President Joe Biden to kill an investigation into the company.

Smirnov was the FBI’s confidential human source who was deemed highly credible by the Bureau and was used to create the FD-1023 form that claimed Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were bribed by Burisma.

Eyebrows were raised after Smirnov – who worked with the FBI for years – was arrested in an Election Year at the same time Joe Biden is feeling the heat over the investigation into his family’s influence peddling.

The media used the arrest to claim that his information wasn’t credible and that his allegations of Joe Biden’s corruption were false.

Former FBI agent Stuart Kaplan told Fox News host Jesse Watters that Smirnov’s arrest wasn’t a “victory lap” for Biden like the media portrayed it.

“Well, it’s certainly not a time for the FBI to take a victory lap. It’s shameful, it’s embarrassing, and it’s not a time at all for the Bidens to take a victory lap,” Kaplan said. “Jesse, when that 1023 form was released last year, my colleagues and I knew at that point that that informant was going to be sacrificed. It was just a matter of time. That informant has been on the books since 2010, 11, 12, up until more recently. You do not stay on the books with the FBI unless you have been vetted and you are credible.”

Smirnov’s longstanding relationship with the FBI as an informant raises questions about the timing of his arrest.

“And the fact that he had received so much money from the FBI and so many people have to sign off on those payments, it has to be verified that he is a very productive informant,” Kaplan continued. “So what the FBI and our government wants to have us believe now, is we have now taken out the predicate, the person who started the ball rolling, you know, tattling or telling on the Biden’s and now we gathered all of this other information, all of the money trail, all of the checks and all of the payments.”

After more than a decade of work for the FBI, Smirnov is now facing charges of making false statements and creating false records.

“Yet because we are going to discredit the guy who unleashed on him, let’s throw it all in the garbage like it never even happened,” Kaplan added. “So let’s assume we eliminate this guy. We still have a treasure trove of evidence that leads directly from Hunter Biden to his father. It’s just insane. It’s illogical. It really is embarrassing, I can’t believe that the FBI has gone down the road again to unleash on this informant.”

The fix is in by arresting a key witness who fingered Joe Biden’s corruption before the election.

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