A radical Democrat staffer paid a heavy price for making this appalling remark 

The world stood still on Saturday as bullets whizzed past Donald Trump, grazed his ear, and killed rally attendee Corey Comperatore.  Once it became obvious that this was an assassination attempt, many politicians and world...

Police just uncovered a treasure trove of stolen toys worth over $200,000

Items like gold, fine jewelry, and firearms tend to be a hot commodity among...

The FAA was forced to intervene over this dramatic footage of a near-fatal incident in New York

Government agencies and companies have made diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) a top priority. This...

Mick Jagger just learned the hard way that concert goers don’t pay to hear him give political lectures

“Shut up and sing.”  This is a common refrain heard from fans when a musician...


Joe Biden felt betrayed after this media ally roasted him

Leftist elites shot down any talk about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline before the first debate.  But after his embarrassing performance, many on the Left started to call for Joe Biden to step aside in favor...

A Hollywood actress just begged Joe Biden to do this unthinkable act to Donald Trump

Democrats have gone completely unhinged since the polls began to move heavily in Trump’s...

A former aide to Hillary Clinton is marrying the son of the most nefarious leftist on the planet

There’s an unspoken truth that people in the same circles tend to stick closely...

These strange coincidences have people believing that The Simpsons predicted the future

The Simpsons has been entertaining people around the world for decades. Whether you’re interested in...

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