Senior citizens are on high alert after this brutal mugging ensued

Crime has skyrocketed in most parts of America, especially in areas that are under Democrat control.  Criminals prefer to target society's most vulnerable people, which causes many law-abiding Americans to live in a constant state...

Aaron Rodgers put the country on notice that something horrible may happen to Robert Kennedy Jr. in the near future

As Aaron Rodgers’ football career looks to be coming to an end, he is...

The Second Amendment and this 85-year-old Idaho mother’s quick thinking just saved her disabled son’s life

It's a story that won't feature prominently in the corporate-controlled media. That's because it doesn't...

One advocacy group just blew the lid on the horrifying reality at some of America’s favorite brands

There’s a deep-rooted problem developing in America that could destroy the fabric of society. The...


Lawmakers in Idaho are fighting back against left-wing radicals targeting children in their state

The war against our children in government schools has reached a climax in recent years. But sometimes people forget that school teachers are also being targeted. And lawmakers in Idaho are fighting back against left-wing radicals...

Franklin Graham gave Whoopi Goldberg a reality check after she made this sick confession

Whoopi Goldberg makes her living spouting embarrassingly bad hot takes on The View. One of...

Here’s how to hunt your way to homesteading success and self-reliance

Homesteading is taking the nation by storm. More and more Americans are using homesteading to...

Tim Allen’s new sitcom is starting to come together after this big announcement

Tim Allen has been a part of some of the most popular sitcoms on...

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