This woke children’s entertainment company is preparing for one devastating strike

Virtually every large entertainment company has caved to the woke mob in recent years.  Even companies that create content for children have started incorporating disturbing themes into their products in an effort to appease the...

Whoopi Goldberg revealed the disgusting depths of her dedication to the Biden administration

Joe Biden is on the ropes after an embarrassing performance in the first Presidential...

Joe Biden’s personal physician has fallen into the crosshairs of a major Congressional investigation

The first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump showed Americans the truth in...

A Christian musician just broke the radical Left’s hold on the music industry with this Pro-Life ballad

Politics will always be impacted by the change in cultural values within the American...


Prince Harry is in a state of disbelief after facing this backlash

As you read this, military members are risking their lives to protect the United States and everything that makes this nation great.  Many have paid the ultimate price for freedom with their lives.  And Prince Harry...

The French election results sent shockwaves across the western world

As Americans celebrated Independence Day, voters across Europe went to the ballot box. In...

Mark Wahlberg just opened up about his new movie with Halle Berry that is every guy’s fantasy

Being a Hollywood actor definitely has its perks.  Mark Wahlberg has been one lucky dude...

Safety concerns are mounting after police clashed with skaters in this Democrat-controlled city 

Crime and chaos have exploded in Democrat-controlled cities across America.  In many cases, criminals and...

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