This Latin-American actor just scolded his fellow Latinos over their opinion of Joe Biden

A lot of folks might assume that people of Latin-American heritage are happy with the way things are going in the country. But there are plenty of people from this demographic who are angry about...

The Vatican just announced a strange set of guidelines that left people wondering what is coming

The world is on the precipice of a spiritual awakening that many of us...

Paris Hilton’s stupidity shocked her fans when she shared one video that could break the law

Paris Hilton has always been good at causing chaos online. But her latest antics could...

Democrats were bristling with rage over a shirt worn by Dan Quinn that could revive the Redskins

Things are already looking up for the Washington Redskins with Dan Quinn as head...


The internet erupted with this wild claim about the historic aurora borealis

Unless you had terrible cloud coverage, there is a good chance you saw an aurora last week. While the phenomenon is relatively normal, the light show reached a record number of Americans. And the internet erupted...

State Attorneys General are demanding Congress stop Joe Biden from funding terrorist sponsors at the UN

The United Nations (UN) has a well-earned reputation for backing despots and murderers. While America...

Jen Psaki was forced to make this embarrassing move after being caught red-handed

Few Presidents have made as many mistakes and gaffes as Joe Biden. But Democrats refuse...

Nancy Pelosi was paralyzed with shock after this star musician put her in her place

Donald Trump’s 2016 victory completely changed the way that many political experts view American...

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