An auto expert sounded the alarm on this scary threat coming from electric vehicles

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are being touted as the future of the automobile

But they have a dark side their supporters don’t want you to know.

And an auto expert sounded the alarm on this scary threat coming from electric vehicles.

The supply chain for electric vehicles is dominated by the Chinese.

Now they are using that dominance to produce their own electric vehicles.

Chinese automaker BYD overtook Tesla to become the world’s biggest electric vehicle maker.

President Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandates could open the door for the Chinese to enter the American market.

But that comes with serious risks according to one auto expert.

Chinese electric vehicles could be used in massive surveillance operation

Automotive expert Mike Caudill told Fox News Digital that Americans should “absolutely be concerned” that the technology used in Chinese electric vehicles could be used to spy on them.

He pointed out that smartphones are being integrated into new vehicles.

“You’ve got your smartphone. Smartphones are now being integrated into vehicles. And so the problematic nature of that is the data,” Caudill said. “And the content is being shared between your phone and the vehicle itself. And obviously, when you’re talking about electric vehicles, they’re even more high-tech. They require more data. They require more communication.”

That’s why it’s so concerning that the Chinese are dominating the electric vehicle market.

“82% of the supply chain in the EV market comes from China,” Caudill continued. “So, as we think about how our vehicles are being integrated with these various pieces of technology, we have to obviously be concerned about what data is being shared with those devices, specifically the ones that are coming from China.”

According to Caudill, even if a vehicle isn’t Chinese, the number of parts manufactured there still pose a risk.

“But what we are facing is the fact that all of our American vehicles that have this new modern technology in it, the data and the technology in those vehicles is still coming from companies that are based in China,” Caudill explained.

He pointed to one of the most common features in new vehicles, infotainment screens.

“So your big infotainment screen that you have on a vehicle, it’s not all manufactured right here in the US. Some of those parts and products are coming from companies based in China,” Caudill said.

Calls are growing to ban Chinese electric vehicles from being sold in America

Chinese automakers are looking to flood America with cheap electric vehicles.

Heritage Foundation Director of the Center for Energy, Climate, and Environment, Diana Furchtgott-Roth, wrote that surveillance should be one of the reasons Chinese electric vehicles should be banned from the United States.

“Chinese EVs could be equipped with even more powerful spying equipment,” Furchtgott-Roth wrote. “They could go anywhere, including military bases, power plants, and cellphone towers. EVs would be far more effective than spy balloons at collecting important data, and at far lower cost because Americans would be purchasing these vehicles. For similar security reasons, the Federal Communications Commission banned Huawei and ZTE technology in 2022.”

Electric vehicles could be a Trojan Horse for a massive Chinese surveillance operation.

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