Radical climate activists have their sights set on this new target for a major summer protest

Photo by Robin Erino by Pexels

The climate change extremists are ramping up their efforts to impose their agenda on all Americans.

With the 2024 elections just around the corner, they’re working to make sure they’re heard.

And radical climate activists have their sights set on this new target for a major summer protest.

The radical climate group Climate Defiance is working on its next big protest over the summer.

A big game and a big protest

In a statement to its members and supporters, Climate Defiance is now calling for a “historic blockade” of the Congressional Baseball Game this summer.

The Congressional Baseball Game is an annual friendly competition where Republican and Democrat members of Congress compete against each other in America’s favorite pastime. 

The proceeds from the game support four charities in the Washington, D.C. area: Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, Washington Literacy Center, and US Capitol Police Memorial Fund.

But that doesn’t matter to the radical and increasingly violent climate activists.

“We – society, humanity – are careening into an abyss. The decisions we make now will reverberate not for centuries, but for millennia. If we do not act now, boldly and swiftly, millions will die from storms and from starvation,” Climate Defiance wrote in an email to its supporters.

“So long as Congress torches our planet, we won’t give them a moment of rest. It is unconscionable that they play games while destroying our prospect for a decent future,” Climate Defiance founder Michael Greenberg said in a statement released to Fox News Digital. “Our entire world faces imminent catastrophe. Congress has the power to save millions – even billions – of lives. The fact that they haven’t already ended fossil fuel subsidies is shameful. We’re shutting down the Congressional Baseball Game to send a message: We will do whatever it takes to force those in power to end fossil fuels.”

From bounties to baseball

Climate Defiance is the same radical group that offered bounties for the locations of Supreme Court Justices.

They’ve now set their sights on stopping a charity baseball game to try and get some mainstream media attention for its message.

In his mass marketing email, Greenberg said that he tried to organize a similar protest at the Congressional Baseball Game two years ago because “it is unconscionable that they play games as our prospects for a decent future slip out of our grip.”

That protest never materialized, largely due to the U.S. Senate reaching a deal on climate spending just ahead of the scheduled event.

But now they are back. 

Climate Defiance is taking another shot at disrupting, or even shutting down, the game.

The expected protest will target members of both parties since “like the Congressional Baseball Game, fossil fuel subsidies are a bipartisan affair,” Climate Defiance told Fox News Digital. 

It added that, “Biden’s 2023 budget plan even proposed cutting tens of billions in tax breaks for fossil fuel companies, but House Democrats themselves fought to keep those subsidies in place.”

“We are not asking you to give money right now. We are not asking you to sign a petition, or call your legislator, or tweet. We are asking you to join us, in person, in a blockade of the Congressional Baseball Game,” the group instructed its members. 

“Shut it down with us,” they pleaded.

This is nothing new for the group.

On the Climate Defiance website, the group calls for “consistent, mass-turnout, nonviolent disruption to stop business as usual and compel politicians to act.” 

“When we engage in direct action — whether through a strike, a blockade, or a mass occupation — we break through,” the website reads. “Direct action puts the state in a double-bind: allow the action (and the disruption) to continue or crack down, further driving up public support for the cause.”

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