Harvey Weinstein can’t stop smirking after the New York Supreme Court handed him one of the biggest victories imaginable


Our judicial system looks after those who are well connected.

It looks like rapist Harvey Weinstein just received a get out of jail free card from New York’s highest court.

And Harvey Weinstein can’t stop smirking after the New York Supreme Court handed him one of the biggest victories imaginable.

Our judicial system is rigged

The fairness and impartiality of our nation’s judicial system has been a hot topic in politics.

Whenever the chance arises with a police shooting or a judicial sentencing, the media and the politicians don’t miss the chance to exploit it for their own talking points.

We have literally had cities burn down and countless die because of the civil unrest surrounding the belief that our judicial system is biased based on race or economic class.

But when you look at the facts, the real difference between the haves and have nots in our courts is based mainly on nothing more than who you know and what your name is.

For instance, just look at President Trump.

We all know that he would not be getting persecuted like he is now in the sham criminal case against him in New York City if he wasn’t the voice of America and the former Republican President who challenged the system.

He is one bad jury conviction away from ending up behind bars.

But on the flip side of the judicial bias we have in our nation, just look at Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein was one of the biggest Democrat donors in the nation.

His friend’s list included Hillary Clinton and Gavin Newsom.

As you may know, Harvey Weinstein is also one of the most notorious sexual predators our nation has had in decades.

Weinstein’s massive legal victory

The news broke by The New York Times back in October of 2017 that Weinstein had been accused of sexually assaulting and raping dozens of women.

He would use his power as a Hollywood elite to cover up his sexual assaults.

Thankfully for society, Weinstein was arrested, charged, and convicted of numerous sexual assaults from New York to California.

Since 2020, Harvey Weinstein has been rotting in jail.

But Weinstein is doing everything he can to stay out of jail for the rest of his life.

And to the shock of many, he just won one big legal victory in New York that may get him out of jail.

On Thursday, the New York State Court of Appeals handed Weinstein a victory that no one saw coming.

In a 4-3 ruling, the highest court in New York sided with Weinstein and threw out his 2020 conviction.

They claimed that the Manhattan trial court errored in allowing several witnesses to participate as character witnesses in order to prove that he had a pattern of rape.

As the New York State Court of Appeals put it:

We conclude that the trial court erroneously admitted testimony of uncharged, alleged prior sexual acts against persons other than the complainants of the underlying crimes because that testimony served no material non-propensity purpose. The court compounded that error when it ruled that the defendant, who had no criminal history, could be cross examined about those allegations as well as numerous allegations of misconduct that portrayed the defendant in a highly prejudicial light. The synergistic effect of these errors was not harmless. The only evidence against the defendant was the complainants’ testimony, and the result of the court’s rulings, on the one hand, was to bolster their credibility and diminish the defendant’s character before the jury. On the other hand, the threat of a cross-examination highlighting these untested allegations undermined the defendant’s right to testify. The remedy for these egregious errors is a new trial.

Thankfully, he is still behind bars because of his California conviction.

But did Harvey Weinstein’s Democrat friends play any role in getting him out of the New York conviction?

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