This ex-member of the Royal Family is getting slammed for selling an overpriced food product

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The Royal Family always seems to be in the spotlight, regardless of whether the story is good or bad.

However, some of the people who were once considered royalty are no longer associated with the British kingdom’s legacy.

And this ex-member of the Royal Family is getting slammed for selling an overpriced food product.

Buckingham Palace shades Meghan Markle over strawberry jam

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry have been constantly under the microscope after a massive feud with the Royal Family.

Markle has started her very own lifestyle brand and recently teased a jar of what she claims to be organic strawberry jam.

Her new American Riviera Orchard brand is hitting the headlines and one of the first products to launch is a jar of the fruit-flavored jam.

While it’s not yet for sale, Markle has already sent jars to several friends to help spread the word online.

The company has a brand-new Instagram account, although neither Meghan or Harry have made any formal announcements about its launch.

According to Markle, the jam will be the first American Riviera Orchard product to launch after the original trademark for the brand was filed in February.

The filing said the brand includes products like textiles, cutlery, “jellies, jams; marmalades,” and other assorted food spreads as well as tableware, serving ware for food and drinks, and other beverage-related items.

After Markle started promoting her new jam online, Buckingham Palace decided to join the conversation by releasing a new ad of their own.

The official Instagram account for Buckingham Palace Shop posted a video showing off their line of strawberry preserves.

“Our Strawberry Preserve is made using only the finest berries and is delicious served in a variety of ways,” the ad stated.

The clip was shared not long after Markle debuted her line of jam and Buckingham’s clip added some suggestions about how consumers could enjoy the jam, including “on a scone as part of a cream tea, on a crumpet, with a croissant, and on toast.”

Buckingham Palace Shop then invited followers to add their own favorite ways to eat the jam in the comments section.

The Palace garnered plenty of responses

After the ad was released, fans thought the timing of the ad was done deliberately to shade Markle’s new product.

One Instagram user wrote, “Is it just me that loves the subtle shade?” 

Another wrote that, “I’m dying at the timing of this ad.”

Yet another follower wrote, “And that’s how you promote a product.”

“Wait, did the Palace just subtly troll Ms. Montecito?!,” an observant social media user asked, referring to the city in California where Markle lives with Prince Harry and their two children.

Another fan boldly said that “Buckingham Palace over Montecito any day. The Jam war across the ocean.” 

Another joked that, “Plates are flying in Montecito.”

Buckingham Palace Shop’s line of preserves, marmalade, and honey are prominently featured at the top of its website.

Meanwhile, Markle has said that she’ll be selling more products from her American Riviera Orchard brand and that the strawberry jam is just one of many to come.

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