This bombshell report just blew the lid off these Never-Trumpers’ “secret Zoom meetings”

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It’s no secret that the Left’s allies in the press merely regurgitate the talking points their ruling class overlords hand down on a daily basis.

But even conservatives are shocked by the level of veiled collusion happening behind the scenes.

And this bombshell report just blew the lid off these Never-Trumpers’ “secret Zoom meetings.”

Democrats’ media collusion

According to a report from Politico, a group of Never-Trump talking heads, who Democrats’ media allies routinely turn to for “expert legal analysis” on the witch hunts against Donald Trump, conduct secret weekly Zoom meetings in order to collude on the narrative they want to push on the American people the following week.

Unsurprisingly, the Never-Trumpers’ secret meetings are orchestrated and led by former Obama official turned CNN “legal analyst” Norman Eisen.

The list of attendees reads like a who’s who of the most anti-Trump, pro-Democrat talking heads the American media has to offer, with MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissmann, disgraced former CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, and ultra left-wing Harvard professor Laurence Tribe attending regularly.

But it’s not just some of the Democrats’ biggest media allies who take part in the meetings.

In addition to former Nixon White House counsel John Dean, Never-Trump establishment RINOs like Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol and Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway are heavily involved as well.

Politico also reported that left-wing Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, CNN commentator Karen Agnifilo, Weissman’s podcast host Mary McCord, Democrat attorney Harry Litman, former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade – who happened to have been removed from her position by the Trump administration – and Obama-appointed U.S. attorney Joyce White Vance are also frequently involved in the Zoom calls.

Nothing to see here

The report went on to explain that while most Americans view such media “legal analysts” jobs as simply reporting the truth and facts to the public, the meetings serve as an opportunity for the group to coordinate on how they can “generate and shape content for Trump-hungry consumers.”

As one anonymous group member told Politico, the meetings are “almost like a seminar in law school” where they engage in “deliberation, debate, and discussion” with a “distinct anti-Trump tilt to it.”

But if you’re worried that such collusion between some of the media’s most prominent “legal analysts” is “nefarious,” Politico’s Ankush Khardori explained that there is nothing to fear since any alignment of the group’s positions that take place as a result of the call are merely “the natural result of a group discussion that is working properly.”

“Do some of the people on the call align their positions as a result of their discussions? Yes, probably,” Khardori admitted. “That can sound nefarious, but it is also the natural result of a group discussion that is working properly. People refine and clarify their positions. They find points of agreement that might surprise them. Their areas of disagreement become narrower, more precise.”

Apparently, there’s nothing “nefarious” at all about a group of media talking heads with the publicly-stated goal of destroying a Republican Presidential nominee colluding in secret meetings about what narrative they’re going to push in regards to the many witch hunts and political theater being employed against Joe Biden’s opponent.

Nothing to see there whatsoever.

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