Dennis Quaid confirmed the worst about Hollywood with this scary fact

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The entertainment industry has undergone dramatic changes over the decades.

Delivering content that audiences want has taken a backseat to pushing a political agenda. 

And Dennis Quaid confirmed the worst about Hollywood with this scary fact.

The movie business has lost its magic

Dennis Quaid has spent nearly 50 years in the movie business and believes that Hollywood has lost sight of what audiences want.

“Sometimes I feel like Hollywood’s kind of lost its way a little bit,” Quaid told The Christian Post.

The 70-year-old actor has focused on positive, faith-based, and faith-adjacent films at this stage of his decorated career.

His latest movie, The Long Game, is an against-the-odds story of Hispanic golfers in 1950s Texas who were forced to build their own course after being banned from the local country club.

“I want to see movies that instruct the heart and relate to the heart, where you feel this common bond with the film and with other people,” Quaid said. “That’s what The Long Game does.”

Quaid’s character helps them beat the odds and win the state golf championship in a timeless underdog story.

His company, Bonniedale Entertainment, was one of the producers of the film.

“We wanted to do films that were inspiring and aspirational, about underdogs and American dreams, and this fit the bill,” Quaid said. “After watching [this movie], I want people to be entertained, for their hearts to feel good, to feel better about themselves and this great country of ours.”   

Uplifting sports movies have become a staple for Quaid in recent years after he starred in 2021’s Blue Miracle and 2023’s The Hill, which became the number one movie on Netflix earlier this year.

Hollywood is increasingly out of touch with its audience

Quaid said that he’s seen a “hunger’ for inspirational films from moviegoers.

“I’ve been actually kind of surprised by that,” Quaid explained. “Hollywood doesn’t understand their audience anymore. People want to go to the movies to feel things and can’t just discount the spirit, and people hunger for that. And so these stories are really getting a lot of traction these days.”

The Big Easy star rediscovered his faith in the 1990s after he battled drug addiction.

He said the success of his faith-based film, I Can Only Imagine, which was made outside of Hollywood on a $7 million budget and earned $86 million, showed that audiences wanted uplifting movies.

A spiritual awakening is underway in the country according to Quaid.

He pointed to the acceptance of his faith in Hollywood as an indication. 

“I think there’s a spiritual awakening actually going on in our country right now,” Quaid said. “There’s been a lot of turmoil, and that’s what spiritual awakenings look like because of what it takes to get there. I think we’re right at the beginning of it.”

Hollywood lost sight of its most basic mission, which is delivering content that audiences want to see.

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