Gavin Newsom was stunned when a smoking hot model gave him this brutal rejection

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California has become a socialist nightmare after Democrats ran the state into the ground.

Things have gotten so bad that even the rich and the famous are reconsidering their life choices.

And Gavin Newsom was stunned when a smoking hot model gave him this brutal rejection.

Los Angeles Mayor asks the wealthy to buy houses for the homeless

Los Angeles has one of the worst homelessness problems in the country.

Homelessness has spread from the infamous Skid Row section in downtown to encampments scattered throughout the city.

Nearly 80,000 people are considered homeless in Los Angeles County and the local government is scrambling to find a solution.

Los Angeles and California have squandered countless billions of dollars on wasteful and ineffective government programs to solve the homeless crisis.

Mayor Karen Bass (D) gave up trying to have the government solve the problem and just asked the wealthy to step up and buy homes for the city’s growing homeless population.

“We are asking the most fortunate Angelinos to participate in this effort with personal, private sector, and philanthropic funds to help us acquire more properties, lower the cost of capital, and speed up housing,” Bass said.

That was the last straw for one resident of the Golden State.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is leaving California because of the state’s growing problems

Sports Illustrated model and San Diego resident Kristen Louelle Gaffney told Fox News Digital that she wanted no part in giving her hard-earned money to help Los Angeles house the homeless.

“I quite frankly feel a little bit taken advantage of when I, too, have had to struggle and to create my own opportunities through hard work and education,” Gaffney said. “Why should somebody have a piece of my hard work?”

She said that she worked her way through Sonoma State University with little help from her parents.

“I came from nothing,” Gaffney said. “I think the most my parents did financially for me was pay for a tank of gas and maybe some groceries here and there in college. We were very, very poor.”

According to Gaffney, Los Angeles should be prioritizing helping homeless veterans and the elderly instead of drug addicts.

“Drug addicts should be last on the list,” Gaffney explained. “We should be focusing on the people that need help. Yes, but let’s create more opportunities and less systems that are ‘hand out’ systems that people are absolutely taking advantage of.”

Federal, state, and local governments have spent countless taxpayer dollars on homelessness, but the situation continues to get worse.

“You’ve taken enough from us, and you’re only showing me that it’s getting worse,” Gaffney said. “The more we claim, and I use the word claim very strongly, that we’re helping these people, it seems like the situation is getting worse.”

She and her husband, former NFL running back Tyler Gaffney, and their three children are getting ready to leave California for Tennessee.

They cited the high taxes, crime, homelessness, and the cost of living as reasons why they’re exiting.

“A lot of people come to LA thinking this is the land of my dreams, this is the land of opportunity, this is where I can create something and make a name for myself,” Gaffney said. “LA homelessness . . . there’s nothing like it. I’ve been on the East Coast, I’ve been on the West Coast, I’ve been in the Bay Area. This is the dirtiest I’ve seen our cities.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom has watched the Golden State become the American nightmare after his failed leadership.

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