Even Joe Biden was stunned over this one shocking report

White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden’s approval ratings remain very low, with his average sitting at 40%.

The bottom line is that most Americans have grown tired of Joe Biden and overwhelmingly do not approve of how he served as President.

And even Joe Biden was stunned over this one shocking report.

This eye-opening report reveals the shocking extent of Joe Biden’s propensity for gaffes

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans do not approve of Joe Biden.

Experts have attributed this public contempt to several factors.

Among these factors include Joe Biden’s poor communication skills and his repeated gaffes.

Nearly every time Joe Biden attempts to speak, a world salad ensues and confuses listeners everywhere.

In fact, a recent New York Post report showed that Joe Biden has already committed at least 148 significant stumbles or gaffes this year.

The specific examples of Joe Biden’s gaffes are too numerous to list.

However, some gaffes were worse than others.

One example the Post emphasized stemmed from a speech last January where Biden said that, “we vaccinated the vast bulk of America. We got through that pandemic with less than 200 million — with less than 2 million people being vaccinated when I came to office. Today, 720 million Americans have gotten a COVID vaccine.”

Although Joe Biden attempted to take credit for vaccinating 720 million Americans, most estimates show that only about 300 million people or so live in America.

But even this figure remains shaky due to the massive influx of illegal aliens in recent years.

Of course, Joe Biden committed several jaw-dropping gaffes during this year’s State of the Union Address.

After receiving pressure from Republicans to address the death of Laken Riley, Joe Biden acknowledged her death but he incorrectly pronounced her name as “Lincoln” Riley.

He then infuriated those on the Left by referring to illegal aliens as “illegals,” a slip-up that still has many left-wing radicals fuming.

Even more concerning is the fact that the New York Post found several examples of Joe Biden’s staff covering up his gaffes in the transcript.

For example, the transcript of Joe Biden’s speech in January where he claimed to vaccinate 720 million Americans has a [270] after the 720.

Another example of this sort of revisionism came last February after Joe Biden said that, “I kept my promise to appoint the first black Supreme Court Justice.”

His staff later added [woman] after black, due to the fact that Ketanji Brown Jackson is the fourth black person to serve on the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden’s gaffes represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his problems

Although Joe Biden’s gaffes do not help his public image, he has some much bigger fish to fry leading up to November.

Regardless of what Joe Biden says about the economy, inflation has skyrocketed and inflicted great pain to the pocketbooks of millions of Americans.

To make matters worse, Joe Biden has approved one massive government spending bill after another, including billions of dollars to fund foreign wars.

Biden’s gaffes, combined with his terrible economic record, have given him an uphill battle as November approaches.

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