Illegal aliens are doing something so horrible that it will leave you in a rage

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Illegal aliens are committing serious crimes in the United States.

But there are some things illegal aliens are doing in other countries that people might consider to be just as bad or maybe even worse.

And illegal aliens are doing something so horrible that it will leave you in a rage.

Illegal aliens in Europe are using children as human shields

The issue of violent actions from human traffickers and illegal aliens along the French coastline is escalating to a serious degree.

The problem has now gotten to the point where children are being used as “human shields” during altercations with the police, according to a British Border Force official.

Deputy Director of the Small Boats Operational Command for the UK’s Border Force, Carol Heginbottom, said the situation is “getting worse.”

The escalating issue comes as illegal aliens and human trafficking gangs on the shores of France are starting to panic over legislation that just passed last week.

Instead of keeping them at hotels across the country at the taxpayers’ expense, the new legislation allows Britain to move any illegal aliens arriving by boat to asylum processing centers in Rwanda.

Heginbottom told GB News that “we’ve seen them [attack police] with sticks, metal bars, machetes, using women and children that are there to cross, using them as human shields to prevent law enforcement [from] taking action.”

“The violence that is now shown to our French colleagues trying to prevent the launches, trying to save people from putting their lives at risk, is huge. It’s growing, it’s getting worse, and we need to continue to keep plugging away at stopping these organized criminal gangs that are putting people at risk,” she added.

The revelations came amidst one illegal alien being shot and seriously injured when rival gangs battled at the Loon-Plage “migrant camp” near Dunkirk.

According to witnesses, “individuals took out rifles [and] Kalashnikov-type weapons” to “settle scores.”

French police have been told to increase their enforcement efforts to keep the small boats from setting sail in the English Channel, where many are escorted by the French Navy to UK territorial waters.

When they arrive, the illegal aliens are handed over to the British Border Force and volunteer coastguards.

The problems continue

Five people including a seven-year-old child drowned after they fell off an overcrowded boat in a separate incident.

As a result, France has faced harsh criticism over how its Navy reacted.

Instead of taking the boat back to shore after the drownings, France chose to continue to escort the boat into British waters.

Meanwhile, Paris said that it’s unsafe and supposedly illegal under international maritime laws to try and stop or turn back boats because the illegal aliens have threatened to harm themselves or their own children if they face any interference.

But Australia has a different opinion.

Its Operation Sovereign Borders was enacted by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and it eliminated any illegal boat crossings from the island nation.

Some French police officers have been spotted using knives to slash inflatable boats.

But regardless of their efforts, another 500 boats recently arrived, which takes the total number of boats for the year to a new all-time high of 7,167.

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