A school in this blue state is teaching students that they are white supremacists if they do these things

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Jeff Foxworthy entertained audiences for years with his “you might be a redneck” jokes. 

The radical Left has its own unfunny spin on the phrase.

And now a school in this blue state is teaching students that they are white supremacists if they do these things. 

Dividing Americans along identity politics lines

It’s the favorite trick in the radical Left’s toolbox and they love nothing more than clubbing their opponents over the head with it. 

They smear anyone who disagrees with them as a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, or some other nasty name. 

Of course, there’s always the “bigot” accusation. 

Leftists use these words of hate to win the identity politics game and further divide Americans. 

And it seems they can make almost anything racist. 

Last year, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg somehow found a way to call even roads and bridges racist. 

The extremists on the Left start their hateful and divisive labeling at a very young age. 

And now one government-run school district in Washington state is attacking students who enjoy reading and writing. 

If you like to read and write…you might be a white supremacist

Students are being told in Seattle’s public schools that reading and writing is rooted in “white supremacy.” 

KTTH radio talk show host Jason Rantz spoke to a father who said his child was warned of the racist nature of reading and writing during English class. 

According to Rantz, the assault on two of the three “R’s” that make up the backbone of education came during “Black Lives Matter at School” week.

You can see the worksheet above. 

The dad told Rantz that students at Lincoln High School in Seattle were given a handout with definitions of the “nine characteristics of white supremacy” during World Literature and Composition instruction. 

The teacher’s handout suggested that “Worship of the Written Word” is white supremacy because it is “an erasure of the wide range of ways we communicate with each other.”

“I feel bad for any students who actually internalize stuff like this as it is setting them up for failure,” the father said during the interview with Rantz. 

According to the teacher’s logic, reading and writing are racist because non-whites aren’t as good at reading and writing. 

Of course, assuming only whites can excel at reading and writing sounds like the definition of racism. 

Don’t think you’re a racist…then you’re a racist

The written word wasn’t the only target of the woke handout. 

It turns out that “objectivity,” “individualism,” and “perfectionism” are also signs of white supremacy. 


And if you’re white and deny that you’re a racist – or if you deny the legitimacy of any of the “nine characteristics of white supremacy” – then that also makes you an evil racist. 

On the radio show, the father and Rantz agreed that this leftist logic is incoherent and doesn’t hold water. 

“How is a 15-year-old kid supposed to object in class when ‘denial and defensiveness’ is itself a characteristic of white supremacy?” he asked. “This is truly educational malpractice.”

Rantz reported that white students were also told that they should apologize to their non-white peers after being forced to watch the video Getting Called Out: How to Apologize.

The father concluded by summing up to Rantz exactly why so many parents are switching to homeschooling.

“My problem with this curriculum is that this is supposed to be a writing and literature class and lessons like these do nothing to help my kid become a better writer,” the father explained. “I’m sure the Lincoln administration will point to the high ELA proficiency scores, but the high proportion of HC [highly capable] kids is a big factor. With so many smart, hard-working kids, it’s easy to support these luxury beliefs, but system-wide only 63% of kids are proficient in English. Is this really the best use of class time?”

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