Speaker Mike Johnson is shaking in his boots after Marjorie Taylor Greene reversed course with this two-word declaration

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When Mike Johnson was elected Speaker, many Republican politicians claimed that he would be able to unify the Party while sticking to conservative principles.

Of course, that couldn’t be further from what actually transpired.

And now Speaker Mike Johnson is shaking in his boots after Marjorie Taylor Greene reversed course with this two-word declaration.

A total flip-flop

Amidst the conservative effort to remove him from his position last year, few Republicans fought harder to keep former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in power than Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

On top of opposing the Motion to Vacate the Chair against McCarthy – and supporting his efforts to bend the knee to the Biden regime and Democrats on a debt ceiling deal that helped exacerbate inflation with more useless government spending – Greene also demanded that conservatives who supported the Speaker’s removal “apologize” in order to “heal the [Republican] conference.”

“The eight Republicans who joined the Democrats and ousted Kevin McCarthy, they need to apologize, and we need to heal our conference in order to move forward,” Greene declared in an interview with Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow back in October.

But her opinion on Motions to Vacate the Chair have apparently changed.

Greene is now attempting to lead the charge to force Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) out of power – a decision she would be applauded for if not for the fact that it’s a total flip-flop from her position some six months ago.

“Yes, I am willing to force it,” Greene told Breitbart. “The reality for Mike Johnson that he just is not accepting or refusing to accept, publicly at least, is whether it happens two weeks from now, two months from now, or in the next majority, he will not be Speaker. He just will not be. There may be only two of us public right now, but he does not have the support of the conference at all. There may be people who might not vote to vacate him right now, but they will never vote for him to be Speaker next Congress. There are two large factions in the conference against his speakership.”

“His speakership is not safe,” she added. “As a matter of fact, it’s over — he’s just the only one who hasn’t acknowledged it.”

Greene’s claim that she will “force it” means she will be employing the exact same tactics she opposed just months ago, as she’s already introduced a Motion to Vacate the Chair and can force a vote on the matter within two days by making the resolution privileged.

Greene may not know what “force” means

However, while Greene’s issues with Speaker Johnson are virtually the exact same as those conservatives had with McCarthy, the Georgia Congresswoman attempted to claim that she’s going about her efforts against Johnson in a totally different manner than conservatives did with McCarthy.

Claiming that she’s being “respectful,” Greene contended that her issue with the process against McCarthy was that “it was done by force and no one had a say.”.

“Yes I am prepared to [force] it,” Greene told Breitbart. “But the process of how I am doing it and going about it is I am being respectful of my conference and a Republican majority and I’m also being respectful of my colleagues. I didn’t like how it was done when they threw out Kevin McCarthy. It was done by force and no one had a say. It was eight Republicans siding with the Democrats and forcing it on the conference while they claimed Kevin McCarthy lied and broke the rules, when in reality if the eight who claimed that are so self-righteous and that’s what they cared about, they would have thrown Mike Johnson out long before this because he passed three CRs before we ever got to the two-part omnibus and he passed bills under suspension plenty of times, lying to us because he broke his own seven tenets, which were the promises he basically self-imposed upon himself in the letter he wrote to our conference when he first became Speaker.”

“So, for me, I think this has to be a process that’s worked carefully, respectfully, and we have to make sure it’s one that works and we’re prepared for because that three-and-a-half weeks after they ousted Kevin McCarthy, that destroyed our conference,” she added. “We have never recovered from it.”

Of course, Greene is certainly correct in saying that Speaker Johnson should be removed from his position, but her very reasons are the same reasons Speaker McCarthy was rightly removed from his position.

And whether she wants to admit it or not, Greene is taking the exact same path those eight conservative heroes took in doing so.

Nevertheless, with Greene telling Mike Johnson that “it’s over,” there’s no doubt the momentum is building behind the effort.

But if Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to lead the effort to do what must be done, then she’s going to need to first admit her past mistakes and apologize to conservatives for all of the slander that she’s hurled their way.

Otherwise, she’ll likely be the reason Mike Johnson remains in power as Speaker.

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