Aaron Rodgers put the country on notice that something horrible may happen to Robert Kennedy Jr. in the near future

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As Aaron Rodgers’ football career looks to be coming to an end, he is doing his best to set himself off in national politics. 

If Rodgers keeps connecting the dots, then it won’t be long until he is a major politician in this nation. 

And Aaron Rodgers put the country on notice that something horrible may happen to Robert Kennedy Jr. in the near future.

Rodgers is setting himself up for a career change

It’s undeniable that Aaron Rodgers has put himself together a football career that will get him into the NFL Hall-of-Fame.

Rodgers replaced Brett Favre in 2008 for the Green Bay Packers and has been starting in the NFL for 16 seasons. 

And he has put up some amazing numbers during his time in the League. 

Just looking at the basics, Rodgers put together over 59,000 passing yards and 475 touchdowns in his NFL career. 

And when you dive deeper into the numbers, Rodgers has been on an elite level for most of his career.

He holds the NFL’s best career passer rating of 103.6. 

You have to be shredding defenses to have a 103.6 passer rating for your career average. 

But like all of us, Aaron Rodgers realizes that sooner or later his football career is going to come to an end. 

The quarterback is currently 40 years old and is one bad hit away from his career being ended, especially since he is just coming back from an Achilles tendon rupture from last season. 

Aaron Rodgers has made the choice to start his political career now while he still has name recognition. 

Over the past couple of years, he has been the most big named sports player to call out some of the Democrats’ radical policies. 

Throughout COVID, Rodgers would use his platform form to speak out against the COVID mandates. 

Many players had issues with being healthy and being forced to take the jab, but few players actually had the fortitude to call out the mandates live on television. 

Rodgers’ latest political involvement has been his avid support of Robert Kennedy Jr. for President of the United States. 

 Robert Kennedy Jr. has little to no chance of winning this Presidential election. 

But if his popularity continues to rise, then he could play a spoiler candidate and keep either Biden or Trump from winning the Presidency. 

Rodgers onto something?

Rodgers sees the chances of Kennedy being a spoiler candidate as a risk to his safety. 

While he was on the I Can Fly podcast, Rodgers claimed that “the two-party system that we got in place doesn’t work, hasn’t been working, hasn’t been working really since JFK was in office, and we need somebody who’s willing to lay it on the line.  That’s what I love about Bobby. Think about it. They killed his uncle. They killed his dad. We know the CIA was involved, right? I mean, they can’t declassify it because it’s so damning. We know the FBI was involved. Hoover hated the Kennedys. Hated them. Allen Dulles was fired as Director of CIA after he botched the Bay of Pigs and tried to get Operation Northwoods to happen to literally start World War III and invade Cuba. He was fired. He was on the f****** Warren Commission, Allen Dulles was, as was Gerald Ford, who was the right hand man to J. Edgar Hoover, who hated the Kennedys. Like, we know they’re involved.”

Rodgers continued by adding that “Bobby loses his uncle, JFK, his father, RFK. His cousin died in a plane crash when he was running against Hillary Clinton. I’m not saying that was a conspiracy, but it’s kind of a weird coincidence. Bobby’s in danger, you know? Like he’s putting himself on the line. Why? Because he f****** believes in this country. He believes in this country. He believes in the good in people and he believes he can make a difference. That’s somebody I can get behind who’s willing to lay it on the line.”

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