Boeing executives are scrambling for answers after this horrifying footage spread across the internet

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Many Americans take airline travel for granted.  

In addition to the speediness of airline travel, many passengers prefer to fly due to its relative safety as compared to driving. 

But Boeing executives are scrambling for answers after this horrifying footage spread across the internet. 

One scandal after another has tarnished Boeing’s name in recent months

When it comes to building airplanes, few companies have made a mark in the industry quite like Boeing. 

For many decades, Boeing had a solid reputation for mass-producing efficient and safe airplanes. 

However, recent events have tarnished this reputation. 

Lately, several instances have occurred of Boeing planes suffering very scary and serious malfunctions while in flight, causing airlines and airline customers to panic. 

Just last weekend, a video went viral showing one of Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737-800s with one of its turbines falling to pieces right after taking off from Denver. 

Fortunately, the plane turned around and safely landed back in Denver. 

On Sunday, ABC chief transportation reporter Sam Sweeney posted a video of the horrifying incident with the caption, “Scary moments for passengers on a Southwest flight from Denver to Houston when the engine cover ripped off during flight, forcing the plane to return to Denver Sunday morning.” 

Southwest Airlines issued a statement on the matter.

“We apologized to those Customers for the inconvenience of their delay and our Maintenance teams are reviewing the aircraft,” they wrote. “We place our highest priority on ultimate Safety for our Customers and Employees.”

Meanwhile, Boeing has remained rather silent on the matter, as the company faces tremendous pressure from lawmakers, airlines, and consumers to improve safety standards. 

In January, another Boeing airplane, this time a 737 9 MAX, had to be grounded after a door plug malfunctioned mid-flight on an Alaskan Airlines plane and caused the door to blow off. 

Boeing has received criticism for investing heavily in DEI following the race riots of 2020, which many people speculate have allowed under qualified technicians and engineers to work on planes. 

Others have pointed the blame to the Federal Aviation Administration, under the direction of Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation, which is supposed to inspect these planes before they hit the market. 

Boeing could become the latest woke company to go broke

In an attempt to appease the woke mob, corporations around the globe have made radical changes to how they operate. 

Particularly, these companies have invested heavily in DEI programs, which often place woke hiring practices over creating good and profitable products. 

As a result, companies like Target, Disney, Bud Light, and Boeing have paid the price, each losing billions of dollars in value after rolling out bad products in the name of social justice. 

However, the difference between a company like Disney and Boeing is that Boeing’s lack of quality puts lives at risk, which may force airlines to start purchasing different aircrafts and avoiding Boeing altogether. 

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