Jaws dropped when the co-hosts on The View attacked one rapper for making this common-sense remark

Screen Shot via YouTube, The View

Few television programs aim to divide and incite hatred as much as ABC’s The View

The View’s panel members make cringe-worthy comments and remarks that purposefully elicit outrage on a near-weekly basis.

And jaws dropped when the co-hosts on The View attacked one rapper for making this common-sense remark.

Killer Mike stunned The View’s panel with these levelheaded opinions

On nearly every episode, The View and its panel of mostly washed-up actors and socialites spew hatred towards Donald Trump and his supporters. 

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and her cronies do not accept any sympathy for the right, even if it comes from Democrats. 

The View and its panel put this flagrant intolerance on full display last Monday when rapper Killer Mike clashed with co-host Sunny Hostin after he dared to defend Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. 

“If there’s a candidate that pops up around September, October, that needs a push that’s really, policy-wise is good for us that’s going to jump up, but right now I don’t want to be involved in the soap opera because I’m worried about what’s going on in Atlanta on the hyper-local level,” Killer Mike claimed.

He then offered praise to Brian Kemp, who he credited with bringing some businesses to Georgia.  

However, this tepid praise did not sit well with Sunny Hostin. 

Hostin claimed that Killer Mike lost her when he started voicing his “support of Kemp.” 

Killer Mike said he does “not support Kemp,” before adding “that’s some misinformation” and “you can not like me, but don’t lie on me.”

“He’s the Governor of my state, I have to be involved with him, I can’t divorce myself,” he added. “But let me say this, if you criticize someone, don’t lie. Don’t say I didn’t support Abrams because I did.” 

Without a doubt, Killer Mike has invested most of his time and resources supporting Democrats.

He endorsed Bernie Sanders for President in 2016 and campaigned for Stacey Abrams in 2020.  

In recent weeks, Killer Mike has come under fire after getting arrested at the Grammy’s for an alleged physical altercation where he won three awards. 

Many suspect that Killer Mike may run for office at one point or another, but he has yet to divulge any details on this matter. 

What Killer Mike’s remarks reveal about The View and its hosts

Last Monday, Killer Mike gushed about his involvement in politics. 

However, as soon as he dared to offer mild praise for a Republican lawmaker, Sunny Hostin and her colleagues jumped on Killer Mike like a pack of jackals. 

This not only reveals Sunny Hostin’s intolerance, but it also shows the intolerance of The View’s panel, which constantly demonizes anyone who does not think and act exactly like them. 

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