Joe Biden felt betrayed after this corporate-controlled news network defied him

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The crisis at America’s southern border with Mexico has spiraled out of control. 

Even some Democrats have started to wake up to the fact that this issue must be addressed in a meaningful way. 

And Joe Biden felt betrayed after this corporate-controlled news network defied him. 

Even some CNN talking heads cannot ignore the border crisis any longer

Every day, thousands of illegal aliens cross into the United States before scattering around the nation. 

These illegal aliens come from every corner of the world, including hostile nations like Russia, China, and Iran. 

Deadly drugs like fentanyl are also flowing across the wide-open border and killing Americans. 

But Joe Biden and his obedient followers have refused to admit the existence of this crisis and have failed to act accordingly. 

Fortunately, some have somewhat woken up to the fact that the southern border is in a state of chaos.

This includes CNN political commentator Paul Begala, who spoke up on the matter in last Wednesday’s broadcast of The Source.

“I think the President has a good argument, which is, we need new laws,” he said. “And the political argument that wins is when he says, belatedly, but now says we have to control the border. I will close the border if Congress gives me the power.”

“People want order,” he added. “We love immigrants. I think W had it right and I think Obama had it right. We used to say we’re a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.  And I do think that Democrats have been slow to come to the conclusion that we’ve got to have order. Once you then have order, then people open their hearts, they love immigrants, they want immigrants. But they’ve got to have order. Biden is now going to give them order.”

Although Begala gushed over George Bush and Barack Obama, he admitted that Joe Biden has failed to properly address this issue when he used the term “belatedly,” which represents a major shift in tone for him and his CNN colleagues. 

Many Americans do not share Begala’s faith in Joe Biden, as his approval ratings remain in the gutters, which many political experts attribute to his mishandling of the border. 

The border crisis will not improve if Joe Biden gets his way

Despite serving as President for over three years, Joe Biden has failed to take any substantive actions to secure the southern border. 

Some suspect that Joe Biden has no idea how bad things have gotten, while others believe he is terrified of angering the “woke” mob by closing the border. 

Either way, Joe Biden has failed to act on the border.

And it does not seem like he is prepared to take any serious action in the near future.

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