A hard-hat wearing Joe Biden just got dunked on for channeling Mike Dukakis

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Just when you think Joe Biden couldn’t look more ridiculous, he helps himself to another scoop.

This is the unfortunate reality of the current President of the United States.

And a hard-hat wearing Joe Biden just got dunked on for channeling Mike Dukakis.

When politicians attempt to mix things up where they are clearly out of their element, it seldom ends well.

Throughout the 1980s, the Reagan administration had embarked on a peacetime military buildup that was opposed by many Democrats.

In 1988, Democrat Presidential candidate Mike Dukakis needed to look credible as a Commander-in-Chief at a time when Democrats were being criticized for their defense policies.

Dukakis proved that a bad photo-op can “tank” a political career

When Dukakis went to visit a General Dynamics plant in Michigan where he planned to ride in an M1 Abrams tank, he was told that he had to wear protective headgear.

It was a horrible look and is said to have been a decisive turning point in the election, where George H. W. Bush went on to win in a landslide.

Now, President Biden, with his famous affinity for ice cream, might as well look at that ad and say, “Hold my cone!”

When Biden visited a brewery in Superior, Wisconsin, as a show of supposed solidarity with union workers, things went all kinds of wrong.

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joined the President in this outing and posted a picture, but the result didn’t go as planned.

“Nothing like having a beer with some great union workers and ⁦yes, that would be @JoeBiden in Superior, Wisconsin. ⁦ @AFLCIO,” she wrote on X.

What Klobuchar must have missed, others didn’t.

RNC Research broke the bad news with a zoomed-in version of Klobuchar’s picture.

“Here is Joe Biden posing as a hardworking American by wearing his hard hat backwards,” RNC Research wrote.

The reaction was merciless, with Liberty4All writing that “the Biden babysitters who guide his every move have never seen a hard hat before. No one noticed that he put it on backwards?”

Kari Lake chimed in as well by writing that “‘Scranton Joe’ never learned how to put a hardhat on properly, huh?”

This is what happens when you try to pretend to be something you’re not.

Union workers aren’t enthused about Backwards Hat Biden

Biden is not and never has been a regular union guy because he’s been in Washington, D.C, since before Mike Dukakis saw his campaign get run over by an Abrams tank.

Even the United Auto Workers Union President admitted that even though the union endorsed Biden, a large number of union members feel very differently about him.

While appearing on Fox News Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, United Auto Workers Union (UAW) President Shawn Fain said that “a great majority of our members will not vote for President Biden. Yes, some will, but that’s the reality of this. The majority of our members are gonna vote for their paychecks, they’re gonna vote for an economy that works for them.”

Those voters obviously feel that the guy who puts his hard hat on backwards doesn’t inspire confidence that he can fix the economy.

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