Franklin Graham put the woke outrage mob on notice after this sick attack on patriotism

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The Left isn’t hiding their utter contempt for America anymore.

But one move crossed a bright red line. 

And Franklin Graham put the woke outrage mob on notice after this sick attack on patriotism.

Dance team punished for showing their patriotism

Members of a women’s country line dance team were kicked out of a competition in Seattle, Washington, for wearing shirts with the American flag on them. 

The Borderline Dance team participated in the Emerald City Hoedown, which was put on by the Rain Country Dance Association – an LGBTQ+ dance group.

Some of the attendees at the event were “triggered” and felt unsafe at the sight of dancers wearing American flag-themed shirts.

“Dance teams work their boots off preparing for performances like these. Extra practices, babysitters, ferry rides, hours upon hours of practice, and commute time and time away from their families. We all were very excited to perform for this event,” the Borderline Dance team wrote on social media.

Woke leftists in the crowd went to the event’s organizers to express their horror at wearing patriotic apparel during country line dancing.

“At first we were told we would just be booed, yelled at, and likely many of them would walk out. This did not deter us. But then we were given an ultimatum,” the Borderline Dance team stated.

Changing shirts wasn’t an option because many of the dancers didn’t bring extra clothes.

This resulted in the team being asked to leave.

“They had several claims for this reasoning. Mostly associated with the situation in Palestine and the trans community in America,” the Borderline Dance team added.

Another dance team, the West Coast Country Heat, was also asked to leave the event because their dancers were  wearing patriotic attire.

“Our friends, West Coast Country Heat, who were also scheduled to dance for the convention that evening also did not perform as they too proudly don the colors of our country in the same spirit of patriotism that we do,” the Borderline Dance team said. “Both of our teams stood in solidarity and put actions to words.”

Rather than try and scramble to find new clothes, the patriotic dance teams left the woke event.

Borderline Dance team co-captain Lindsey Stamp told local talk radio show host Jason Rantz that the group wasn’t political.

“My team doesn’t take a political stance,” Stamp said. “We came to dance. We’re a patriotic group. We support our military, our veterans, our first responders. We’re a group of patriots.”

Franklin Graham weighs in dance team getting canceled

Reverend Franklin Graham – the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham – said on social media that the woke attendees should consider finding another country to live in if they hate the American flag.

“It’s hard to believe that a dance group would be asked to change their outfits at competition because they were too American and too patriotic! If you hate the American flag and what it represents, maybe you should think about finding another country!” Graham wrote on X.

Canceling country line dancers for expressing their patriotism is a shocking new low for the woke outrage mob.

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