Jill Biden got called out to her face for telling this awful lie

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Jill Biden is the real power behind the throne.

Joe Biden is running for re-election because Jill Biden pushed him into the race.

But now Jill Biden got called out to her face for telling this awful lie.

Jill Biden TV appearance turns awkward

One advantage of being a Democrat is that the media provides plenty of soft focus coverage where they get to appear in nonpolitical settings with popular or inspirational figures as a means of boosting their public image.

CBS invited First Lady Jill Biden to appear on its morning show alongside the winner of the national teacher of the year award, a woman named Missy Testerman.

The point was for Americans to associate Jill Biden – and by extension Joe Biden – with a kind, caring teacher who went above and beyond to educate her students.

But the interview moved to politics, and that’s where Jill Biden got herself in trouble.

The First Lady made her case for her husband by saying that the election was supposedly a choice between chaos and experience.

“People know the choice in this election. They can choose chaos or they can choose, you know, steady, wisdom, experience,” Biden declared.

That argument doesn’t fly with voters because the “chaos” in the Trump years was largely media invented nonsense about what he would say on Twitter, whereas under Joe Biden people see columns of military age illegal aliens marching across the border, the debacle in Afghanistan with people falling off planes in the sky trying to escape the Taliban takeover, and the world on the edge of nuclear war over Ukraine.

Jill Biden gets caught in a lie

Host Tony Dokoupil asked Jill Biden about the new Wall Street Journal swing state polls showing Trump leading Joe Biden in six of seven battlegrounds with the seventh being tied.

“But when these polls like the Wall Street Journal one land in the White House and he’s losing all the battleground states —”Dokoupil began before the First Lady cut him off and falsely claimed her husband was leading in the polls.

“No, he’s not losing in the battleground states,” Jill Biden declared.

To his credit, Dokoupil called Biden out for this false statement.

“All but one,” Dokoupil shot back.

But Biden stuck to her guns and kept lying about her husband’s poll numbers.

Jill Biden also repeated the false claim that wayward voters would come home once the American people realized this was an election between Trump and Joe Biden.

“He’s coming up and he’s even or doing better,” Biden stated. “You know what? Once people start to focus in and they see their two choices, it’s obvious that Joe will win this election.”

But the Wall Street Journal polls were taken after Trump locked up the GOP nomination and everyone knew November would be a rematch of 2020.

And the message sent by swing state voters was that they wanted to fire Joe Biden.

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