A POLITICO reporter said the quiet part out loud and sparked outrage from Christians

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The woke media establishment likes to pretend that they are champions for “inclusivity.”

But when it comes to people of faith, their cultural norms should be flat-out ignored.

A POLITICO reporter said the quiet part out loud and sparked outrage from Christians.

POLITICO reporter: Our rights are not endowed by a Creator

The corporate-controlled media has made it clear that they absolutely despise the idea of faith. 

To these people, the idea of a Creator means an ultimate authority on morality. 

This would put them in a very uncomfortable place, especially considering the level of deceit they push on the American people.

But now Heidi Przybyla, a journalist for POLITICO, just made it clear that her biggest problem with faith is that it takes authority away from the government. 

The “thing that unites them as Christian nationalists is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don’t come from any earthly authority,” she wrote.

Przybyla slammed Christians who believe our rights come from God and not “Congress or the Supreme Court.” 

The journalist tried to hide behind the attack on Christian nationalists while failing to recognize that our founding fathers and Christians all believe in a Creator.

Przybyla showed “profoundly prejudicial view toward American religious groups”

Przybyla made the comments to attack Trump supporters specifically, but it was a direct affront to everyone with a belief in God. 

Now the reporter is under fire by Christian leaders at the Family Research Council (FRC) and Catholic Vote.

The pair published a scathing letter to the President and CEO of POLITICO about the reporter’s failure to understand faith and the Constitution. 

The conservative leaders said that Ms. Przybyla’s comments “demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the United States of America’s founding documents and a profoundly prejudicial view toward American religious groups.”

The letter suggested that Przybyla was failing in her role as an investigative reporter because she didn’t understand the foundation to our country’s civic structure and Constitutional guarantees. 

“Ms. Przybyla is charged with reporting accurately on American government, politics, and law,” they wrote, before adding that her comments were “deeply disturbing.”

“POLITICO’S silence” on the comments make it clear how they feel

The letter went on to suggest that the reporter was intentionally attempting “to spread misinformation about Christians by creating the perception that they hold unique beliefs that post a distinct and, in her words ‘extremist,’ threat to our country.”

“Comments like Ms. Przybyla’s can and often do have life and death consequences for faith communities,” they said, before reminding POLITICO’S leadership of anti-faith violence in recent years. 

The letter demanded recognition of the dangerous rhetoric and an apology from the reporter.

Politico’s silence suggests it condones these attacks on people of faith. Ms. Przybyla owes people of faith an apology, as does her employer,” they wrote. 

Politico must confirm that such offensive comments have no place within its organization,” they finished. 

This comes at a time when religious persecution has reached a peak around the globe. 

It would come as no surprise if Politico and Przybyla ignore the calls for reflection and the intense scrutiny brought on them by Christian groups.

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