Americans agree that Joe Biden’s disastrous policies are making their lives miserable

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When Joe Biden took office, he wasted no time instituting policies that would raise the cost of everything.

The people are paying the price for the far-Left agenda with higher prices everywhere they go.

And Americans agree that Joe Biden’s disastrous policies are making their lives miserable.

Three out of four Americans believe the economy is the top concern heading into November

The Democrats like to remind Americans repeatedly that the biggest issues in our country are racism and climate change. 

But a recent survey by Pew Research shows that those problems are at the bottom of the list for most Americans.

The survey showed only 32 percent of Americans think racism is a top concern and only 36 percent think climate change is a top concern.

On the contrary, nearly three out of four Americans view the current economic situation as bleak and want to see the next Presidential administration address it. 

The survey was conducted in January of this year and reached over 5,000 American adults. 

Now Rasmussen is adding greater context to these numbers, and it should be a major warning to the Biden administration. 

Few believe that “our economy is the envy of the world”

Biden started the last full year of his Presidential term with the annual State of the Union Address to Congress at the beginning of March. 

During the speech, he told Americans that he had “inherited an economy that was on the brink,” but thanks to his economic policies, today “our economy is the envy of the world.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth and Americans aren’t being fooled. 

Rasmussen Reports published the results of a survey last week that found 49 percent of American voters believe Biden’s economic policies have been to their detriment and 48 percent think the economy was better under Trump. 

The respondents were split mostly evenly among political parties. 

This is bad news for Biden ahead of the 2024 election.

Household debt reaches record high with skyrocketing interest rates

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) owns the rights to, and on the site they break down “rhetoric vs. reality.” 

AFP explains that “overall prices are up almost 18%, and it costs American families $11,400 more per year just to maintain the quality-of-life they had in January 2021.” 

They’re also trying to afford these increases on less take-home pay.

AFP added that “inflation-adjusted hourly wages” are down by 2% and “real weekly earnings have shrunk 4.4%.” 

This has forced American families to take on more household debt.

The combined total owed has now reached $17.5 trillion, which is a new record for borrowers. 

And all of this is under high interest rates that are crushing the American Dream.

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