Baker Mayfield’s new contract proves why Florida is better than blue states

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Over the past six years, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has been turning Florida into a Red state and an example for other states to follow. 

During his time as Governor, DeSantis has pointed out many of the things about Florida that makes the state great, such as it being where “woke goes to die.” 

And Baker Mayfield’s new contract proves why Florida is better than Blue states. 

Baker Mayfield signs to stay in Tampa Bay

After bouncing around the league from Cleveland to Carolina to Los Angeles, Baker Mayfield finally found a home in Tampa Bay last season. 

In 2023, Mayfield had 28 touchdown passes, 4,044 passing yards, and a 64.3% completion rate, which were all career highs.

He also made the Pro-Bowl for the first time in his career, clinched an NFC South division crown, and won a playoff game for the Buccaneers. 

For this success, the Buccaneers decided to officially make Mayfield their successor to Tom Brady. 

Earlier this month, Tampa Bay and their quarterback agreed to terms on a new three-year contract extension worth up to $115 million and with $50 million of it guaranteed.

And while most in the left-wing sports media won’t admit it, the fact that the Bucs play in Ron DeSantis’ Sunshine State helped seal the deal. 

Baker makes more in Florida than he would in a blue state

Following the massive signing, Bucs General Manager Jason Licht explained how by resigning to stay in Tampa, Mayfield was making more than if he signed for the same amount elsewhere. 

Licht said the fact the team plays in Florida was one of his key selling points in the negotiations with the franchise signal caller. 

“No state taxes,” Licht said. “I use that one a lot.” 

Mayfield agreed that keeping more of the money he earns played a deciding factor. 

“That’s a good point,” Mayfield replied.

If Mayfield had signed the same contract with his old team, the Rams, then it would have been worth about $12.5 million less than it is in Tampa Bay.  

The Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, and Las Vegas Raiders also reside in states with no income tax. 

About more than just the money

Some sports reporters believe Mayfield left money on the table and that Licht and the Bucs may have lowballed him. 

However, along with Florida politics playing a role, Mayfield added that the decision wasn’t all about dollars and cents. 

“Knowing that we have a chance to bring back some key pieces and make a further run in the playoffs, that’s important to me,” Mayfield answered. “I’m a winner at heart. I hate losing, so knowing that we get a lot of guys back, and we can continue to build this for years to come, is a special thing.” 

Mayfield also somewhat resented the implication that $115 million is a lowball. 

“Now, listen, this is life-changing money, and I’m not going to act otherwise,” Mayfield said. “It’s something that I’ve worked extremely hard for over the years and many years of football. I’m grateful for it. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. There’s nothing to say, ‘Oh, well, he got more.’ It’s not that mentality.” 

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