Charles Barkley revealed the shocking reason that Joe Biden is losing black voters

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Every poll shows Donald Trump increasing his support with black Americans.

Democrats are confused as to why.

And now Charles Barkley revealed the shocking reason that Joe Biden is losing black voters.

Charles Barkley: Democrats take black voters for granted

A New York Times/Siena poll showing Donald Trump winning 23 percent of black voters was just the latest piece of polling data showing Democrats have major problems heading into the 2024 election.

Democrats count on winning 90 percent of black voters, and any meaningful decrease in support represents an extinction level event for Democrats in an election.

Over on CNN, NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley said Biden’s weakness with black voters stems from the fact that Democrats think they only need to show up in black churches right before Election Day.

“The reason I think the Democratic Party and Mr. Biden, President Biden, are losing black votes is they only care about black people every four years,” Barkley began.

Barkley admitted that he used to automatically vote Democrat in every election because the Party said they wanted to help black people.

But over time, he said more voters realized that the help was never coming.

“They come into our neighborhoods and say, ‘We’re going to make stuff better. We’re going to do this, do this, do this,’ and then finally us black people are like, ‘I don’t know man, other than my ability to dunk a basketball, all my neighborhoods are still the same, our schools are still the same,’ and that’s why I think black people are leaving disappointed in the Democratic Party because, I ain’t gonna lie, I voted Democratic every time just ‘cause I thought it was gonna help black people and poor people, ’cause black people and poor white people, they’re in the same boat. And like, I didn’t care who the President was, I’m not gonna lie, but I only voted Republican one time in my life, that was for John Kasich, and I knew he couldn’t win, but then I’m starting to look like, man, I understand why black people are leaving– want to vote for somebody else because every four years they come into our neighborhoods and, ‘Man, we’re going to make things better for you,’” Barkley added.

American politics realigning under Trump

Education is now the biggest dividing line in American politics.

College educated voters are moving Left and non-college voters are shifting Right.

College educated voters support culture war issues like transgenderism.

And the educated elites benefit from open borders since the cost of goods and services goes down thanks to cheap labor.

But non-college educated voters see illegal aliens taking over cities and competing for jobs, which drives down their wages.

Support for open borders drove a wedge in the Democrat Party coalition.

And it could provide a historic opening for Republicans in 2024.

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