DEI just backfired on this one network and ignited outrage from the woke mob

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Most media outlets will do anything to promote the Left’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda. 

Some have even gone as far as to distort historical accuracy for the sake of appeasing the Left.

But DEI just backfired on this one network and ignited outrage from the woke mob. 

Many companies have started to move away from DEI

Over the last several years, many companies and government agencies have fallen head over heels for so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

As a result, corporate-controlled media outlets have integrated DEI training initiatives into their daily operations. 

But outrage has quickly ensued, as many of these DEI programs are allegedly teaching people to discriminate against white men, Christians, and Trump supporters. 

Predictably, CBS quickly welcomed DEI with open arms.

However, a recently filed lawsuit could result in major headaches for the woke television network. 

According to the New York Post, “CBS and parent Paramount Global are being accused of ‘blatant’ discrimination against a white, heterosexual male freelance writer as it imposed stringent diversity rules for writers on its SEAL Team series, according to a federal lawsuit.”

The New York Post added that “Brian Beneker, a script coordinator and freelance scriptwriter for CBS’ SEAL Team, was unlawfully denied a staff writer position due to his race, sex and sexual orientation, according to the complaint, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court of Central California.” 

Beneker accused CBS of passing him over for two inexperienced female writers for the sole purpose of filling stringent diversity quotas. 

His lawsuit claims that the “Defendants have implemented an illegal policy of race and sex ‘balancing’ in the SEAL Team writer’s room.” 

It adds that “this balancing policy has created a situation where heterosexual, white men need ‘extra’ qualifications (including military experience or previous writing credits) to be hired as staff writers when compared to their nonwhite, LGBTQ, or female peers, who require no such ‘extra’ qualifications.”

In November, Newsweek published an article that said many American companies are cutting their DEI investments.

The article cited a report from a DEI solution company named Paradigm.

Using data from 148 companies and hundreds of thousands of global workers, Paradigm found a 13-point decrease in the number of companies that collect employee feedback through inclusion surveys or focus groups in 2023.

Many companies are growing sick and tired of the headaches caused by DEI

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, many companies surrendered to the woke mob in a desperate attempt to avoid the scorn of the violent and mobilized Left. 

Years later, these radical shifts and concessions have come around to bite them. 

Many claim that DEI only serves to perpetuate racism and division while undermining the best interests of these companies, their employees, and their shareholders.

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