Donald Trump took Nikki Haley by surprise with one decision about ending the GOP Primary

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee for President. 

It’s only a question of when.

But now Donald Trump took Nikki Haley by surprise with one decision about ending the GOP Primary.

Maryland Republican National Committee member David Bossie proposed a resolution whereby the RNC would declare Trump the winner of the Primary and the presumptive nominee despite him not yet having reached the delegate threshold.

The resolution stated that “all evidence negates the possibility of a mathematical path forward to the 2024 Republican nomination by any candidate other than President Trump, our presumptive nominee.”

“RESOLVED that the Republican National Committee hereby declares President Trump as our presumptive 2024 nominee for the office of President of the United States and from this moment forward moves into full General Election mode welcoming supporters of all candidates as valued members of Team Trump 2024,” the resolution added.

Donald Trump set records for the most votes received in the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary.

Polls show him trouncing Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina on February 24 as well as all of the March 5 Super Tuesday states.

The most recent Morning Consult poll showed Trump annihilating Haley by 81% to 18% among GOP voters.

And Haley’s team admitted in a strategy memo that it only plans to compete in open Primary states where Democrats and Independents can vote.

There is no path forward for Haley to win the nomination and her presence in the race only wastes time and resources that could be devoted to defeating Joe Biden.

For instance, Trump can form a joint fundraising committee with the Republican National Committee and start raising the money necessary to take on Joe Biden once he becomes the presumptive nominee.

But Trump rejected the RNC’s plan to declare the Primary over since only two states have voted.

Trump wrote on Truth Social that he rejected the RNC’s proposal and said that he was going to win the nomination by securing the requisite number of delegates through the Primary and Caucus process.

“While I greatly appreciate the Republican National Committee (RNC) wanting to make me their PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE, and while they have far more votes than necessary to do it, I feel, for the sake of PARTY UNITY, that they should NOT go forward with this plan, but that I should do it the ‘Old Fashioned’ way, and finish the process off AT THE BALLOT BOX. Thank you to the RNC for the Respect and Devotion you have shown me! TRUMP2024” Trump posted.

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