Gavin Newsom has once again failed students and is driving more parents to homeschool their kids

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Joe Rogan recently referred to his former home state of California as being “full-on communist.” 

Along with economics, Rogan said the state’s criminal-friendly policies and “cult-like obsession with queer issues” are why he left California and moved to Texas. 

And Gavin Newsom has once again failed students and is driving more parents to homeschool their kids. 

Where are Gavin Newsom’s priorities?

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom tries to disguise his far-Left political tendencies with charm and charisma.

That combo has propelled the former Mayor of San Francisco to the top of the Democrat Party, with some political insiders speculating Newsom could be next in line to run at the top of the ticket in 2028.

But any political ambitions Newsom may have for higher office aren’t motivating him to move to the middle.

California’s highest ranking elected official is governing to appease his woke supporters.

That includes infesting the Golden State’s government-run schools with Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. 

However, a new report proves that while leftist propaganda is filling California classrooms, the “Three R’s” apparently are not. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion replace reading, writing, and arithmetic

According to CalMatters, California students are falling way behind in both English and math, with many even struggling to read.     

Results from the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) – the state’s latest academic achievement tests – found that 42% of California fourth graders can’t read at a basic level.  

Meanwhile, fewer than half met standards in English language skills. 

And only about a third of the students could perform grade-level mathematics.

Front Page Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield believes things will get worse before they get better. 

“These are catastrophic numbers and they’re only going to get worse,” Greenfield wrote. “Because unions and administration remain obsessed with DEI and dismantling standards.” 

Are Kindergarteners the new Spicoli?

Another potential reason for the low scores could be that students just aren’t showing up for school. 

According to the Public Policy Center of California (PPCC), 25% of students were “chronically absent” during the 2022-2023 school year. 

Front Page Magazine reported that this equals 1.5 million students. 

The California government-run school system is really failing minority communities, with about 1.1 million of those chronic absences being black or Hispanic students. 

Pre-pandemic chronic absentee rates were at 12%. 

And this isn’t just highschoolers playing hooky. 

The PPCC study found an alarming 36% chronic absentee rate among kindergarteners. 

“Parents, even the worst parents, are usually happy to send kids to kindergarten,” Greenfield added. “If they’re not showing up, what’s going on? Either the parents are truly messed up or these kids may be fictional and exist only in welfare databases. Or the kids have already broken loose at an incredibly young age.”

Even California students can understand that these numbers add up to a strong argument for homeschooling. 

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