Gavin Newsom is planning to violate the U.S. Constitution and put all of the state’s law-abiding residents at risk

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California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has never met a woke piece of legislation that he couldn’t wait to sign into law. 

The Golden State has moved to the extreme Left under his watch. 

And now Gavin Newsom is planning to violate the U.S. Constitution and put all of the state’s law-abiding residents at risk. 

The Left’s war on gun rights

For decades, one of the top priorities of Democrats has been to disarm American citizens.

The Left and their allies in the media jump on every shooting and exploit the tragedy to score political points.

They manipulate data and statistics to try and gaslight the public into supporting gun control.

They lie and demonize all of the arguments of responsible gun owners when the only argument they should need is the Second Amendment. 

And when radical leftists can’t outright take away our guns, they find workarounds to make it more difficult or expensive to own one. 

That’s exactly what Gavin Newsom’s cronies in the California State Legislature are trying to do right now. 

California wants you to pay them to violate your Second Amendment rights

Breitbart News is reporting on an effort by Democrats in California to pass SB 1160 and infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms. 

California already has a law forcing residents to register any and all of their gun purchases with the state government. 

If this new effort passes, then Golden State residents would be forced to register all of their guns every year and would have to pay a fee to do so each time. 

The bill states that registration fees will “be deposited into a special fund that is continuously appropriated to the department for the express purpose of carrying out the administration and enforcement of the firearm registry.”

In other words, Democrats want law-abiding gun owners to foot the bill for an unconstitutional gun registry. 

California is proof that gun control laws don’t work

Former Democrat New York City Mayor Michael Blomberg’s non-profit organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, rates California as the number-one state for gun control.  

They site the state’s previously mentioned gun registry requirement, a supposed “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks, a 1o-day waiting period for firearm purchases, an abundance of so-called “gun free zones,” a ban on supposed “high capacity” magazines, strict rules against so-called “ghost gun” regulations, red flag laws, and ammunition controls as the reason why California is the worst state for gun owners. 

Despite all of those gun-grabbing policies, Breitbart News reported that California had the most “active shooter incidents” in the country in 2021. 

But Newsom’s Democrats in the State Legislature want more of the same failed policies. 

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