Idaho is asking for intervention to pass a commonsense law to protect kids from experimentation

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State governments across the country are fighting to protect kids from the radical Left.

But Democrats won’t back down on their need to indoctrinate children into their twisted worldview.

That’s why Idaho is asking for intervention to pass a commonsense law to protect kids from experimentation.

Gender-affirming care leads to “deep physical and emotional wounds”

Over the past several years, transgenderism has become a social phenomenon that impacts every community across the country. 

In many instances, so-called gender-affirming care has been prescribed to children in our country, leading them to make the major decision of altering their sexuality through surgeries and chemical means.

Chloe Cole is a prominent influencer in the movement to discuss the option of detransitioning with those suffering from gender dysphoria. 

Cole said that she was encouraged to undergo a double mastectomy as a teenager, which led to “deep physical and emotional wounds, severe regrets, and distrust of the medical system.” 

Nearly two dozen states have passed laws that would ban or restrict gender transitions for minors. 

Idaho joined the list in early 2023 and was immediately challenged.

Idaho law placed under preliminary injunction

In April of 2023, the Idaho legislature passed the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, which prohibited gender-affirming care in the state. 

The law blocks the use of surgical and chemical interventions for minors in Idaho. 

Two families raising transgender identifying minors sued in a district court to block the law from going into effect. 

Clinton appointed District Judge B. Lynn Winmill placed a preliminary injunction on the state to block the law while their case is considered. 

The Judge argued that the law prevents doctors from operating with a “widely accepted standard of care” and that it also “subjects them to felony charges.” 

Winmill believes it “does not serve the State’s interest in protecting Idaho’s youth.” 

But Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador said that the state is seeking to protect their youth from “the devastating consequences of drugs and procedures used on children with gender dysphoria.”

Labrador sought to appeal Winmill’s decision with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, but they rejected his claim. 

Now he is filing suit for intervention from the U.S. Supreme Court. 

“No one has a right to harm children” and Idaho has the “duty” to protect them

“Those suffering gender dysphoria deserve love, support, and medical care rooted in biological reality,” he said in a statement. “Denying the basic truth that boys and girls are biologically different hurts our kids,” he continued. “No one has a right to harm children, and thankfully, we as a state have the power—and duty—to protect them.”

If Idaho is successful in passing the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, then they would join a list of 23 other states that have moved to ban gender-affirming care for children. 

All of these states have received pushback from the medical establishment, with multiple major associations denouncing their efforts. 

This includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychiatric Association, and other organizations that issued a joint statement in 2022 slamming the states for seeking to “criminalize gender-affirming care.”

“Patients, including youth, must be able to discuss gender-affirming care with their trusted physician to determine together what care is best for them,” they said.

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