Joe Biden crushed every school district in the country with this mind-blowing mandate

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Joe Biden is trying to fundamentally transform the country with his green agenda.

But one rule change is going to deliver a punch in the gut to taxpayers.

And Joe Biden crushed every school district in the country with this mind-blowing mandate.

President Joe Biden is hell-bent on electrifying every mode of transportation in the country.

Government schools are being forced to switch to electric school buses in order to reduce pollution.

All new buses bought by 2027 are required to be electric and all school bus fleets must be electric by 2035.

An electric school bus can cost a district almost $400,000, and the charging stations they require cost nearly $30,000.

Biden program for electric school buses plagued with problems

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean School Bus Rebate Program was created by Biden’s 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill.

The program has spent nearly $1 billion to help school districts across the country purchase electric buses.

The first round of funding doled out in 2022 was hailed as the start of the electrification of the country’s school buses.

An audit by the EPA Office of Inspector General found that the Clean School Bus Program had serious problems.

School districts faced significant hurdles in building the large specialized charging stations required to operate the buses.

Utility companies needed to significantly increase the amount of power that schools were receiving to charge the buses.

This is resulting in delays and becoming an obstacle that can’t be overcome because of the electrical grid.

The Inspector General’s Office said that these hurdles could drive up costs and delay the implementation of electric buses.

Electric buses don’t work as promised

The Biden administration promised a seamless transition for school districts to electric buses.

In colder climates, the range of electric school buses are significantly diminished. 

This an obstacle that could make them completely impractical in rural areas where they would have to travel long distances.

When the temperature drops below 20 degrees, electric bus batteries can lose nearly half of their capacity, which cripples their already limited range.

The lack of range on them also means that they could be taken out of commission multiple times per day for hours on end to recharge.

Now-bankrupt electric bus maker Proterra – which was touted by Biden – had multiple instances of its buses catching on fire in extreme heat.

Cities across the country have shelved plans to have their bus fleets become fully electric after dealing with mechanical failures and battery performance issues.

Joe Biden is forcing taxpayers to fork over a fortune for an unproven technology that may not ever be ready for prime time.

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