Joe Biden just saw one thing that has him looking over his shoulder for an incoming Michelle Obama

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Donald Trump has all but locked up the 2024 Republican nomination for President. 

With Trump in place, Democrats appear to be wishing they had a better option than the incumbent President to oppose him. 

And Joe Biden just saw one thing that has him looking over his shoulder for an incoming Michelle Obama. 

The complicated relationship of Barack Obama and Joe Biden

The Washington Post has reported Obama has been telling Biden how to run his campaign.

According to the Post, the ex-President suggested that the Biden campaign needs more top-level decision-makers at its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Post also reported that Barack Obama mentioned his 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe as a possibility.

Alternatively, Obama recommended Biden empower the people already in place and criticized him for not moving his top advisors out of the White House and onto the campaign trail like he did in 2012.

It’s no wonder a recent Rasmussen Report survey found 63% of voters feel ex-President Barack Obama is “influencing” the White House.

Even worse for Joe Biden is that 53% of respondents said Obama is “pulling the strings” in the White House.

But a recent RadarOnline report indicated that Obama has had enough of Biden and believes that the Democrat Party needs to move on from him if they want to beat former President Donald Trump this November. 

And the people who are putting their money where their mouths are seem to agree. 

Biden is far from a safe bet

Political wonks can put their prognostication powers to the test by actually betting on who will win elections. 

And more people are betting on Michelle Obama than incumbent President Biden. 

According to Betfair Exchange, the plurality of betters are putting their money on Trump to be the next Commander-in-Chief. 

Betfair also reported that 10.9% of bets in 2024 are being placed on the former First Lady.

Meanwhile, President Biden is only picking up 10.6% of the wagers.

But does Biden have to worry about Mrs. Obama entering the race? 

Joe Biden vs. Michelle Obama?

According to the New York Post, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Post columnist Cindy Adams recently wrote that Michelle Obama surveyed “Dem biggies” about a potential White House bid.

Adams went on to add that Michelle Obama told a gathering of CEOs in New York that she was indeed planning to run. 

“We’ve heard this drumbeat for a while,” Adams wrote in her column. “Now it’s louder. Plans are to grab Michelle for the Democratic Presidency choice. Making the music is Barack the orchestra leader. Obama’s quietly angling for Joe to go. He’s weaseled up to this for a few weeks. Mouths aren’t talking. But mouths are knowing.”

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