Joe Biden learned some unwelcome news about the 2024 election from this key ally

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Flickr

Joe Biden can’t win for losing.

His standing in the 2024 election is growing shakier by the day.

And Joe Biden learned some unwelcome news about the 2024 election from this key ally.

As part of the realignment in American politics, college educated Americans are increasingly voting Democrat.

But working class Americans – of all races – keep shifting to the Right.

Donald Trump shattered the blue wall in 2016 when he became the first Republican in a generation to win Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by flipping counties won twice by Barack Obama.

Trump did this through a message of sticking up for the forgotten men and women by building a border wall, bringing the troops home from endless wars, and opposing globalist trade deals.

With inflation and the open southern border crushing the American people, Democrats fear even more working class defections in 2024.

That’s why Big Labor tried to ride to Biden’s rescue with the United Auto Workers endorsing him and President Shawn Fain announcing that his union would back his campaign.

Union bosses supporting Democrats is the natural order of politics.

That’s because Democrats oppose pro-worker policies like Right to Work laws, which ban the practice of forcing employees to pay dues as a condition of employment.

In return, the unions – both public and private sector – funnel hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions collected from workers in the form of forced dues into the campaign accounts of Democrats.

But even in the endorsement, Fain admitted that Biden’s policies were actually not good for workers by admitting that “working-class people are hurting today.”

And in an interview with Neil Cavuto, Fain admitted that the majority of UAW workers would vote for Donald Trump because they know their paychecks were bigger and the economy functioned for the benefit of the Middle Class during his Presidency.

“Look, let me be clear about this. A great majority of our members will not vote for President Biden. Yes, some will. But that’s the reality of this,” Fain began.

“The majority of our members are going to vote with their paychecks, they’re going to vote for an economy that works for them, they’re going to vote for a President — when you look at these two Presidents, the choice is very clear about which one stands up with the working class and stands up with labor, and which one stands with the billionaire class and that’s his base,” Fain concluded.

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