Joe Biden threw a complete tantrum after catching wind of this jaw-dropping nomination

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Donald Trump remains the American Left’s number one enemy despite the many positive things he did for America and the world. 

No matter what Donald Trump does, the angry and radicalized Left will resist him. 

And Joe Biden threw a complete tantrum after catching wind of this jaw-dropping nomination. 

Donald Trump’s latest award nomination has Joe Biden and his cronies fuming with rage

Most foreign policy experts agree that Donald Trump made profound advancements when it comes to fostering peace in the Middle East. 

The Abraham Accords in particular represented a massive step towards peace in the Middle East, with Bahrain, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates all normalizing relations with one another.  

Other Arab majority nations like Sudan, Morocco, and Kosovo were soon to follow. 

Previously, these Arab powers refused to conduct any sort of business with Israel.

However, due to the diligent work of Donald Trump, these roadblocks are mostly cleared. 

For this reason, member of Congress Claudia Tenney of New York has nominated former President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

In a statement released to Fox News Digital, Tenney claimed that “Donald Trump was instrumental in facilitating the first new peace agreements in the Middle East in almost 30 years.” 

“For decades, bureaucrats, foreign policy ‘professionals’, and international organizations insisted that additional Middle East peace agreements were impossible without a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” she added. “President Trump proved that to be false.”

Many foreign policy experts believe that other Arab majority nations may have joined the Abraham Accords, however, such expansion was put on hold following the 2020 election. 

Despite his desperate attempts to expand the agreement, not a single nation has joined the Abraham Accords since Joe Biden took office. 

Joe Biden has even gone as far as to celebrate the anniversary of the Accords as a significant step forward in the Middle East peace process. 

This is not the first time former President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

He was nominated in 2020 for the Abraham Accords. 

Norwegian Member of Parliament Christian Tybring-Gjedde nominated Trump on the grounds that “it is for his contribution for peace between Israel and the UAE. It is a unique deal.”

Donald Trump accomplished more in 4 years than Democrats have ever accomplished in the Middle East peace process

Many experts agree that Donald Trump made more progress in brokering peace in the Middle East than any other President in recent memory. 

But Democrats and some Republicans refuse to accept this and are working tirelessly to frame Trump on a number of questionable charges. 

Many political pundits believe that Donald Trump will run on his foreign policy record and his strong economic record as he pushes through the chaotic 2024 election cycle. 

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