Just when Brett Kavanaugh thought it was safe to go back outside, Big Media is once again stirring the pot by renewing these debunked lies

Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh Official Portrait, Public Domain via Picryl

Next to Donald Trump, perhaps no other political figure in the United States has been attacked as much as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

The hatred ginned up against Kavanaugh even led to one radical leftist attempting to assassinate him. 

And just when Brett Kavanaugh thought it was safe to go back outside, Big Media is once again stirring the pot by renewing these debunked lies. 

The war against Brett Kavanaugh

Then-President Donald Trump appointed three new Supreme Court Justices in his four years in the White House: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. 

All three picks were hated by the Left and extreme activists tried to find reasons for the nominations not to go through. 

Leftists cried that Gorsuch’s spot was supposed to go to ex-President Barack Obama’s choice, Merrick Garland, and that Coney Barrett had no business sitting in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s chair. 

However, it was Kavanaugh who had the hardest road to the Bench. 

His personal life and past were ripped to shreds by Democrat politicians and their friends in the corporate-controlled press. 

The media made a big deal out of the fact that Kavanaugh enjoys a cold beer from time to time. 

Democrat donor and protestor Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in 1982 when the two were in high school. 

Ford was unable to provide any proof or offer any corroborating witness accounts. 

In fact, the only evidence presented supported Kavanaugh’s denial of the accusation. 

Following the hearing, Kavanaugh was vindicated and approved by the Senate in a 50-48 vote.

Christine Blasey Ford at it again

According to Fox News, Blasey Ford made about $650,000 in GoFundMe donations after trying to railroad Kavanaugh’s path to the High Court. 

And now, after a few years out of the limelight, she’s trying to cash-in once again. 

Blasey Ford is releasing a new book this week entitled One Way Back: A Memoir.

In the book, she renews her claims that the Supreme Court Justice sexually assaulted her. 

“The fact is, he was there in the room with me that night in 1982,” Ford wrote. “And I believe he knows what happened. Even if it’s hazy from the alcohol, I believe he must know. Once he categorically denied my allegations as well as any bad behavior from his past during a Fox News interview, I felt more certainty than ever that after my experience with him, he had not gone on to become the consummately honest person befitting a Supreme Court Justice. But when my story came out and he flat-out denied any possibility of every single thing I said, it did alleviate a little of my guilt. For me, the question of whether he had changed was answered. Any misgivings about him being a good person went away.”

Big Media once again backing Blasey Ford over Kavanaugh

Of course, Big Media is eager to help spread the unsubstantiated smears against one of Trump’s Supreme Court picks ahead of the 2024 election. 

Pre-publication write-ups praising the memoir graced the pages of almost every major left-wing newspaper in America, including this write up from the Washington Post

Readers looking to One Way Back for a magic bullet to prove Kavanaugh’s guilt or innocence are out of luck. Ford doesn’t remember anything more than she’s already publicly recalled; there are no new witnesses or unearthed diary entries. What she gives instead is a thoughtful exploration of what it feels like to become a main character in a major American reckoning — a woman tossed out to sea and learning that the water is shark-infested, or at the very least blooming with red tide.

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