Nick Saban opened up about the real reason he left Alabama and the college football world is fuming

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Legendary football coaches like Nick Saban come once in a lifetime.

So if Nick Saban tells you that college football is in deep trouble, then you better listen.

Nick Saban opened up about the real reason he left Alabama and the college football world is fuming.

Nick Saban is the best football coach in modern history

In today’s shortsighted media coverage, everyone in sports always obsesses over the players.

They make it seem like players are the ones who win the game for their team.

But when you look at team oriented sports like football, oftentimes a win is the result of good coaching.

The players may execute the play, but they do it by the play call and through hours of guidance and repetition administered by the coaches of the team.

Just look at two teams with the same talent pool of players, but with different coaches like in Auburn and Alabama.

Both have the same recruiting territory, rich tradition, endless amounts of funding, and great facilities.

But the one thing that has made Alabama the unmatched powerhouse of college football over the past two decades is the fact that Alabama has Nick Saban as its head coach.

No college football coach in modern times comes anywhere close to the same level as Nick Saban.

Just look at his record at Alabama.

Saban had 206 wins, only 29 losses, and won six championship rings at Alabama.

Saban’s dark warning about NIL

During a roundtable discussion in Congress about the state of college sports in the NIL era, Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz asked Coach Saban to elaborate on why he recently retired.

“All the things I believed in for all these years, 50 years of coaching, no longer exist in college athletics,” he said. “It was always about developing players, it was always about helping people be more successful in life.”

But then Saban dropped a story that no one saw coming.

“My wife even said to me, we have all the recruits over on Sunday with their parents for breakfast,” he said. “She would always meet with the mothers and talk about how she was going to help impact their sons and how they would be well taken care of. She came to me right before I retired and said, ‘Why are we doing this?’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ She said, ‘All they care about is how much you’re going to pay them. They don’t care about how you’re going to develop them, which is what we’ve always done, so why are we doing this?’ To me, that was sort of a red alert that we really are creating a circumstance here that is not beneficial to the development of young people.”

He is right.

NIL deals are ruining college sports, but not everyone can take Saban seriously when he complains about them.

NIL deals have now given countless other teams the ability to get top-notch players.

So instead of Alabama racking up the best 10 players out of a recruiting class, now most of those players are going elsewhere to follow the money.

And in the age of NIL deals, you may never see another Nick Saban in college football.

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