The projected top NFL draft pick is showing us all why he will be the most-hated player in the League

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University of Southern California (USC) quarterback Caleb Williams is becoming the villain of the NFL before he is even in the League. 

But as long as he acts like this, all of the hate is justified. 

And the projected top NFL draft pick is showing us all why he will be the most-hated player in the League.

It’s been all about Caleb Williams this draft

The dark ages of no NFL or college football is upon us. 

Of course, we have professional football going on now in the Spring, but our wives won’t take watching the United Football League as an excuse to ignore the growing to-do list around the house. 

That’s why the best we can really look forward to until August is the upcoming NFL draft.

Over the years, the NFL draft has been able to partially fill the void of no football. 

But this year’s NFL draft is quickly becoming unbearable to watch before it even takes place. 

And the blame of ruining something beautiful falls on USC quarterback Caleb Williams. 

Many NFL pundits are claiming that Caleb Williams is the best player in this year’s NFL draft.

But Caleb Williams’ college career was subpar at best for what you would expect for a top rated NFL draft pick. 

He had one great year at USC in 2022 when he ended up winning the Heisman Trophy after having 56 total touchdowns. 

But Caleb led the Trojans to a dismal 7-5 record with only 30 touchdowns this past year. 

Those aren’t numbers that you would expect for a possible top NFL draft pick.

But Caleb’s mediocre college stats aren’t the only thing that makes people question his ability to play in the NFL. 

He literally paints his nails and wears lip gloss, and the world received a glimpse of his feminine side during March Madness. 

But even though he doesn’t have the stats or the masculine fortitude like your average first round pick, many are still speculating that he will be the number-one overall pick. 

Making millions shows adversity

Caleb’s future overall number-one pick status isn’t settling well with many, including former Alabama great Greg McElroy. 

McElroy thinks Caleb Williams doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder to drive him to be great.

“Caleb Williams has never experienced adversity,” McElroy said. “I do wonder, is there a sense of entitlement, is there the chip on the shoulder that’s going to keep him going 10-12 years down the road the way it does Mahomes.”

To the shock of no one, Caleb responded like a prima-donna and clapped back that he has faced difficult times even though he made millions of dollars playing college football. 

Caleb went on Twitter and responded by tweeting out “let’s go back to school again cause I’m bored rn.. Adversity: ‘A state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune.’ 

Y1. Didn’t start freshman year. 

Y2. Popped hammy championship game 1st Q. Lost bc of my hammy.  

Y3. 7-5 my last year of college ball.”

At this rate, if the Bears select Caleb Williams as the number-one pick, then they won’t make the playoffs for the next four years. 

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