This one initiative by the Biden administration gives a new meaning to brainwashing

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Biden administration wants to change the fabric of reality.

Conservatives are outraged by their efforts to redefine economics, justice, and basic biology.

But this one initiative by the Biden administration gives a new meaning to brainwashing.

Transgender adults have a much higher rate of suicide

Transgenderism has taken the country by storm over the past several years and people are struggling to understand how it’s happening and what the implications are. 

But the ideology is preceded by decades of research on gender dysphoria as a mental health condition. 

A recent study on gender dysphoria by the Journal of American Medicine revealed a shocking finding after it reviewed the medical and legal records of nearly seven million Danish citizens. 

The study that includes over 40 years of data showed that transgender adults are eight times as likely to attempt suicide and nearly 4 times as likely to die by suicide.

The Left has argued that this is only happening to young people prior to transition. 

But a new initiative by the Biden administration makes it seem like they know this is happening after transitions. 

And their plan to fix it involves some good old-fashioned brainwashing.

Researchers say that transgender adults are unhappy with the way they sound

The Biden administration recently decided that they should use American taxpayer dollars to fund an initiative to make transgender people feel more comfortable with their own natural-born voices. 

The money will go towards a mobile app and a study to better understand why “transgender and gender diverse people exhibit a significantly lower quality of life than the general public.”

The researchers at University of Cincinnati (UC) believe that one reason may be “voice dysphoria: distress because a person’s voice does not match their gender identity.” 

Speech-language pathologist Tara McAllister said that they reprogram their speech into something that matches their assumed personality.

“Some trans people can be negatively impacted if the sound of their voice is perceived as incongruous with their gender identity, and they may choose to work with a speech pathologist to achieve vocal presentation that is comfortable for them,” she said. 

The project is called “Improving the Accessibility of Transgender Voice Training with Visual-acoustic Biofeedback.” 

The goal of the project is to “reduce gender dysphoria in transgender” people

The work will be carried out by McAllister speech scientist Victoria McKenna and led by Associate Professor Vesna Novak at UC. 

The group has been awarded over $200,000 to offer “accessible gender-affirming voice and communication training” via computer software and cell phone apps.

The first-of-its-kind software will use “visual-acoustic biofeedback about pitch and resonance with exercises for these targets.” 

The pitch of voice has long been understood as a differentiator between feminine and masculine voices, but resonance is “harder to understand and harder to target in therapy.” 

“The start software allows learners to visualize the resonant frequencies of the vocal tract,” which in theory would “make it easier to adjust them to match a target that is appropriate” to their gender presentation, the award summary explained.

The researchers said that the tool will “reduce gender dysphoria in transgender and gender diverse adults.” 

In other words, they’re trying to make transgender people who are struggling with the idea of being transgender believe that they have made the right choice.

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