Tucker Carlson is helping one artist raise money for a January 6 prisoner

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Andrew Breitbart famously said that “politics is downstream from culture.” 

Democrats have always owned every cultural institution in America, but conservatives are starting to fight back.

And Tucker Carlson is helping one artist raise money for a January 6 prisoner.

Actor loses everything due to FBI campaign to hunt him down following January 6

In March of 2021, the FBI was seeking as much information as they could to track down protestors who were at the Capitol on January 6.

Using social media, the feds began releasing images of protestors that they suggested had participated “in the violence in the U.S. Capitol.” 

One of those images featured a highly accomplished voice-over actor by the name of Jay Johnston.  

Johnston was quickly identified online and it resulted in major consequences. 

Johnston was fired by his agent and blocked from future work in Hollywood. 

“Jay’s career disappeared overnight,” explained his fiancé, Sara Radovanovitch. 

Family members were also harassed, stalked, and even received threats.

The FBI raided his home in June of 2021, where he was held at gunpoint in the front yard of his home. 

Radovanovitch said “Jay doesn’t have a violent bone in his body” and the raid left her at a loss of words and direction.

But she came up with a creative solution.

“Free Thinkers” art series to raise money for Johnston and family

“At that point, you kind of just look around and say, ‘Well, now what?’ So I decided to start this painting series,” she said.

The art series entitled “Free Thinkers” will help supplement a Give-Send-Go campaign that Radovanovitch is using to fund Johnston’s legal fees and float their family through the hardships of political persecution.

The series debuted in January when the artist highlighted the late and great journalist Andrew Breitbart. 

“No. 1 in my series of free thinkers: Andrew Breitbart,” she wrote on social media.

“Every month this year, I’m painting a different person who challenged the establishment, the MSM, and who I feel is important to our First Amendment,” she explained.

Now America’s favorite living journalist has been featured for the month of February.

Tucker Carlson was the “obvious choice” for the February installment

Radovanovitch revealed her latest oil-on-wood painting featuring the former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.  

It’s difficult to find someone in conservative journalism who pushes back on the establishment more than Carlson.

In comments to SCNR News, the artist called him an “obvious choice” because “he was already pushing the boundaries of corporate media before being fired from Fox.” 

Radovanovitch said his firing “only freed him to challenge narratives further” and that he did a lot to counter the establishment press on January 6. 

This was incredibly important to Johnston and his fiancé. 

“We’re both incredibly grateful,” she said in reference to Carlson’s coverage of January 6.

Over three years later, Johnston is still awaiting trial and Radovanovitch said that they are struggling to “really move forward” with their lives. 

The artist hopes that her paintings will help her family fight for Johnston’s freedom.

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