A journalist just sounded the alarm about a nefarious plan by the Government to push for Digital ID in America

I7HAI, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Over the past few years, the globalists have been working to deploy Digital ID systems across the globe.

Governments want access to everyone’s data in order to keep tabs on what they think and do.

And now a journalist just sounded the alarm about a nefarious plan by the government to push for Digital ID in America.

Federal Government has been working on a sophisticated border security system

Whitney Webb is an independent journalist and researcher, who has been in the alternative media for eight years.

In 2022, Webb published a book called One Nation Under Blackmail that explored the depth of corruption in our federal government.

One of her favorite subjects is the border crisis.

But rather than focusing on the record numbers of illegal aliens entering the country, Webb likes to discuss the possible solutions to the problem.

One solution is a smart wall project that began in 2009 called SBInet.

The project focuses on a digital version of a border wall and has been promoted by every President since George W. Bush.

The Department of Homeland Security published a report on SBInet in 2009.

The report described the system as one that “includes mobile and fixed towers, cameras, radars, and unattended ground sensors.”

It sounds like a dream come true, but Webb said we should all be weary.

Digital border wall would create “a global interoperable Digital ID system”

Webb warned that the SBInet system is already being rolled out across Europe and that Americans should be prepared to see it next.

“All ports of entry, including airports, are going to have this, or they’re hoping to impose this on people” in order to create a “new paradigm for travel,” she said.

Like the proposed vaccine passports that the World Health Organization wanted to roll out during COVID, SBInet would create “a global interoperable Digital ID system.”

“The Digital ID is something that a lot of people in Trump’s base and people that were dissenters during the Covid era were very opposed to,” she said.

Webb said that “restricting people’s freedom of movement opens the door to anything.”

The plan is to monitor social media, travel, and even carbon activity.

And the journalist said they have been priming us for the rollout.

Webb: Everyone should look at the border crisis as “manufactured”

Webb pointed to the warnings by government officials like FBI Director Christopher Wray about an impending attack on U.S. soil.

“This is the beginning of them trying to manufacture consent to Trump’s base, or rather, right-leaning populace for the same exact Digital ID system that they were opposed to during Covid,” she said.

Webb explained that “this is why I would encourage people to look at the current border situation as something that is being intentionally manufactured also by the Biden administration.”

It’s very “clever” and the priming doesn’t end at the border crisis.

Certain people are also using Voter ID to encourage the biometric system.

“So, if you can’t vote without a Digital ID, you can’t get a job without a Digital ID, you have to prove you’re an American citizen, right — not a migrant. But the only way to do that now is with a Smart ID,” she said.

This is a troubling development that shouldn’t be ignored by freedom-loving Americans.

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