A Tennessee church just showed the power of the Holy Spirit with this shocking record

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America has quickly fallen into a state of spiritual paralysis.

Christianity and other faiths are under attack by a godless entertainment industry and political class.

But a Tennessee church just showed the power of the Holy Spirit with this shocking record. 

Church membership has been suffering among American adults in recent decades

Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and it used to show in our culture everywhere you looked. 

Today, modern popular culture rejects Abrahamic faiths and embraces the occult. 

This dramatic shift in cultural norms has taken a toll on the way normal Americans view the church. 

That in turn has resulted in decreased membership.

Gallup shows a steep decline in church membership over the past couple of decades, reaching an all-time low of only 47 percent of adults in 2020. 

From 1940 until the year 2000, the number stayed relatively consistent at around 70 percent. 

The nearly 25 percent decline represented the first time in U.S. history that the majority of citizens were no longer members of a church.

 But the church in America isn’t dead yet, and some say we’re heading for another revival. 

“The 93 baptisms were spontaneous”

First Baptist Church of Hendersonville leads over 3,600 members every Sunday across three services. 

But last week they did something different that shocked their congregation. 

They prompted them with the opportunity for spontaneous baptisms. 

No one was planning to be baptized that day, but they brought 93 people to Christ in just a few short hours.

“The 93 baptisms were spontaneous,” Pastor Bruce Riley said in comments to the Christian Post

“Those people did not come prepared to be baptized that day, but we prepared for them to be baptized that day and God just spoke and they were obedient,” he added.

All they did was fill the baptistry and make the invitation. 

Riley said that this was “really the first time that [many] really heard about the Biblical importance and the Biblical meaning of baptism.” 

But it was enough to bring forward a record number of baptisms and new members for the community at First Baptist.

Riley says the next step is to get them more involved

Riley said that many people who come to his church are new to the area and typically have “no faith background.” 

The pastor said the next step is to get them involved in other areas at the church. 

“Our mission statement is ‘connecting every generation to God, others, and service,’” he explained. 

Riley said that the best way to get them more connected is “through a group where they’re meeting with others on a weekly basis, studying the Word of God, and then engaging them in ministry.”

The step of coming “to faith in Christ and then making that profession of faith public” is huge. 

But Riley said your faith grows stronger when you’re with other people. 

It’s important to walk “alongside other people, serving inside the church or in the community,” he said. 

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