Bob Menendez got a fresh new headache after these lurid new details made headlines

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There are few politicians in America who are as corrupt as Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey. 

In fact, the allegations against him are so severe and perverse that even many Democrats are calling for his removal from office. 

But Bob Menendez got a fresh new headache after these lurid new details made headlines.

These new details just made Bob Menendez’s case much more shocking

Corruption is nothing new in Washington, D.C.

However, the ongoing case against Democrat Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey takes things to a whole new level. 

As it stands, Senator Bob Menendez faces allegations of rampant bribery and corruption after FBI agents raided his home and seized over half a million dollars in cash and gold bars. 

Menendez also faces allegations of accepting sports cars and other luxury items as bribes while serving in public office. 

Most concerningly, Menendez faces allegations of serving as an unregistered foreign agent for the Egyptian government.

Just when Bob Menendez thought things couldn’t get any worse, a new series of salacious allegations emerged about him allegedly having an affair with a married woman. 

Even more concerning is that Menendez had his mistress pose nude with piles of cash, which some believe could be the alleged bribery cash. 

According to the New York Post, “US Sen. Bob Menendez showed his married lover a safe stuffed with cash 15 years before the FBI raided the New Jersey Democrat’s home, an explosive dossier shared with The Post alleges.  The lover bragged to her friends that she had seen ‘bundles of cash’ stuffed in ‘hidden places’ in 2007, according to the document.” 

“And it also claimed that Menendez boasted about ‘kickbacks from contractors and influence seeking people’ while they conducted a torrid affair that included nude photos and sex on both a private jet and a bed that the Senator said had been used by President John F. Kennedy,” the Post added.

As it stands, Senator Bob Menendez has denied these allegations of wrongdoing and has no plans on stepping aside from elected office. 

In fact, he still plans on running for reelection this November, which some political experts believe could give Republicans a unique opportunity to make waves in an otherwise unwinnable race.

Bob Menendez’s story is much more common than people might realize

For many average Americans, the allegations against Senator Bob Menendez sound like something straight out of a mob movie. 

However, these sorts of criminal acts are much more common in American politics than some people realize.  

The only difference here is that Bob Menendez holds a very important office and the bribes he took are much more flashy and brash than usual. 

As a result, even many Democrats are calling for the ouster of Bob Menendez, who must face the voters this fall for reelection. 

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