Chicago police have started to crack down after residents voiced their outrage

Daniel Schwen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Several years ago, cities across the nation started a trend of passing so-called sanctuary city laws.

These laws allowed illegal aliens to live within their city limits without fear of arrest over their immigration status.

But Chicago police have started to crack down after residents voiced their outrage.

These eye-popping arrests reveal the chaos that exists in sanctuary cities

America’s southern border with Mexico remains practically wide open, allowing thousands of illegal aliens to pour into the country every day.

In Chicago, residents have demanded action after months of illegal aliens from Venezuela causing problems.

As a result, Chicago police officers have arrested over 1,000 illegal aliens from Venezuela in the first three months of 2024 alone.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “609 of the arrests were for driving or traffic-related offenses, nine were described as violent felonies, 75 were described as violent misdemeanors, 313 other offenses were vaguely listed as non-violent, and nine others were listed as unknown or not listed at all.”

These figures do not include any arrests of minors or arrests made by other law-enforcement agencies.

Predictably, the added burden of the immigration crisis in Chicago has come with a hefty price tag.

According to Fox News, “The Chicago City Council recently voted 30-18 to approve a request made by Mayor Brandon Johnson for an additional $70 million in order to help deal with the ongoing migrant crisis.”

Fox News added that this, “money is on top of a $150 million assigned to migrant care in the budget already. According to Johnson’s office, the city has at its peak been dealing with more than 2,000 migrants coming in a week. Nearly 40,000 have arrived since August 2022.”

Rather than focus on the matter at hand, Mayor Johnson’s office placed all of the blame on Republicans like Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Johnson’s office released a statement claiming that recent funding requests should be approved swiftly, “should there be any sudden increases in new arrivals sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.”

However, many Chicagoans voiced their outrage at recent city council meetings over Mayor Johnson’s inability to get a handle on the crisis.

America’s immigration crisis will likely get worse before it gets any better

Due to Joe Biden’s reluctance to secure the southern border, many American cities have become overwhelmed with illegal aliens.

As the Chicago Tribune’s report unveiled, many of these illegal aliens have already managed to find themselves at odds with the law in Chicago.

Bidenomics continues to wreak havoc on the pockets of millions of Americans and the never-ending stream of illegal aliens into the country only helps exacerbate these economic woes.

If elected officials do not act, then this crisis could create even more chaos in the coming years.

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