Donald Trump revealed one truth about Jack Smith that Democrats won’t admit in public

United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Special Counsel Jack Smith is in a rush to begin his criminal trial against Donald Trump.

He’s hoping to score a conviction before the election. 

And Donald Trump revealed one truth about Jack Smith that Democrats won’t admit in public.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is in a race against the clock to start his criminal case against former President Donald Trump before the election.

Trump’s legal team told the Supreme Court that Smith exposed his “partisanship” with legal maneuverings in the case.

Trump appealed a decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejecting his claim of Presidential immunity in the January 6 case to the Supreme Court.

Smith previously argued that the Supreme Court should bypass the normal appeals court process to rule on Trump’s Presidential immunity immediately, which the Justices rejected.

Now, Smith is urging the Supreme Court to decline to hear Trump’s appeal from the lower court on Presidential immunity because his trial could begin in about three months.

Trump’s legal team argued that this would not give them enough time to prepare their defense in the case.

“The case involves almost 13 million pages of discovery, thousands of hours of video footage, and hundreds of potential witnesses. With any other defendant, it would be virtually unthinkable for the case to go to trial so soon, and ‘wildly unfair’ to do so,” Trump’s lawyers argued.

Smith demanded the Supreme Court Justices not to delay his trial against Trump after the appeals court ruled against his Presidential immunity claim.

The Special Counsel argued that if the Justices do consider Trump’s Presidential immunity claim, then they should do so as quickly as possible in the interest of a speedy trial.

He noted that they could issue a ruling by June if they took up the matter next month.

The right to a speedy trial in the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution is held by the accused, not the prosecution.

Smith is rushing to put Trump on trial before the election because a jury selected from overwhelmingly Democrat Washington, D.C. will almost certainly convict the former President.

Democrats are waging lawfare against Trump to defeat him in a courtroom so they won’t have to beat him at the ballot box in November.

Polling shows that Trump has a lead over Biden, but a criminal conviction could be the one thing that could save the deeply unpopular President.

The polling flips to Biden if Trump is convicted of a crime before the election.

Jack Smith is part of Joe Biden’s plan to use the legal system to defeat his Presidential rival.

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