Dr. Phil visited the border and said what he saw was shocking and insane

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The border crisis is worsening by the day and the most tragic part is that it could have all been avoided.

Joe Biden and his administration have actively caused major problems for countless communities.

And Dr. Phil visited the border and said what he saw was shocking and insane.

Dr. Phil McGraw is nationally known after spending decades hosting his syndicated talk show.

McGraw has more time on his hands now that the show has ended, but he’s still engaging himself in the consequential issues of the day.

Few issues are more important to Americans than the crisis at the southern border.

McGraw took a trip to the border in Texas and described the situation as “insane” and shocking to the core.

He pinned the problem squarely on the Biden-Harris administration and their policy of encouraging illegal immigration.

Dr Phil: On illegal immigration, “Don’t reward bad behavior”

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, McGraw took a page out of his own expertise and said that “one of the most fundamental psychological principles is you don’t reward bad behavior.”

He contrasted the federal response under Biden-Harris with that of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

McGraw said that “the interesting thing that shocked me, Sean, if they run into someone in a brown uniform, that’s a Texas Department of Public Safety border guard, they get arrested, they get put in jail, and they get returned.”

He added that “if they run into a green uniform, that is a federal, they get money and a court date that’s seven to 10 years down the road, and they get released into the country. So you see these groups coming across, and if they see a brown uniform, they hide. They see a green uniform, they run toward it. That to me is just insane.”

Recalling a conversation with the Border Patrol, McGraw said that “I wanted to talk to the guys heading this up. I have to tell you, you talk about some impressive troops down there. These guys are fighting a morale battle, because they can’t get what they need.”

Millions more border crossers than commonly acknowledged

“And I wanted to know what’s happening down here?” he continued. “What’s really going on? We hear this number, 6 million people have come across under the current administration.”

He admitted that the problem was far worse than commonly known.

“I talked to experts down there that say that number is a myth, that it’s closer to 13 million to 14 million that have come across,” he said.

After spending time with the officers, Phil McGraw reached a conclusion that some conservative Republicans have been hammering home in the wake of this week’s botched immigration bill.

“We don’t need more legislation,” McGraw added. “We just need the laws that are on the books to be followed. We need to be allowed to do our job and we can get this under control right now.”

More than anything else, what is surely needed is Presidential leadership.

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